Attention Busy Moms… Stop Putting Up With Being Depressed, Insecure, and Judgemental About Your Body Forever!!!

"1412 Clients, 19 Years, And 2 Awards Later We’ve Perfected A Holistic Fat Loss System Specific For Moms"

Dear Frustrated Mom,
If you’ve ever wanted to lose unwanted body fat so you can stop feeling bloated, uncomfortable in social settings, and feeling like you are constantly judging your body without hassling with dangerous detox programs, dieting, and those insane workouts that hurt…
Than this will be the most important message you’ll ever read... 

Dr Steve Young, DPT
Chief Happiness Officer Body Solutions
Voorhees, NJ


Dear Frustrated mom, I am going to show you how to end the frustration of using will power to losing fat only to gain it back eventually
You’ll be able to feel confident about your body without having to deal with all those popular yet ineffective diets that lead to “yo yo dieting” and destructive stress on your heart! (YES, diets harm you…)

But before I do that, let me tell you a story of how one busy mom started a movement to make “dieting” obsolete and weight loss easy…
It was 1995 and I had a full book of fitness clients relying on my expertise and help. However I remember a specific client named Jennifer that I had a “special” relationship with…

She was 39 years old and a mother of 2 boys. At that time she was frustrated with her weight and finally decided put her health above her kids, her husband, her job, and her never ending to do list.

Her goal was to fit into her clothes that made her feel sexy, confident, and attractive again. She realized somehow she slowly lost those feeling as she took on the role of “mom”. 

She wanted “sexy Jen” back and what mom wouldn't WANT that?

She realized that her commitment to her own health would be the greatest lesson for self love and self respect for her kids. She wanted them to see her transform from a mom that sacrifices her own health to one that is proud of her health, her body and her self image. She wanted her kids to grow up feeling the same way. 

So she hired me to help her.  

At the moment she did, I didn’t realize the impact she would have on my life…

She was the first client to tell me how she TRULY felt.

"She shared how she appeared to not be bothered by her weight in public. Yet, she felt like she was not successful in life every time she had to get undressed. She shared how she constantly felt judged and was uncomfortable in her skin as if her own body was fighting her and getting bigger and bigger".

She shared that her battle with her weight over the years made her feel like she’s losing control of her body and thus her busier and busier schedule.  One day Jen told me how she missed the flirting glances, the gentle touch on her shoulder, and the goose bumps she used to get from her husband. 

She wanted her romance, her confidence, and her body back!

Over the months, there were many days Jen would walk in and tell me how she felt guilty because she “cheated” on her diet and ate some “bad” food at a social outing.

She explained to me how she would see French fries and justify eating it with “I deserve it since I work out hard”. Then she would feel guilty and depressed after eating it.

The guilt would make her feel awful and cause her to eat MORE to feel better!

I saw the raw emotions that Jen was experiencing and I knew helping people overcome this pattern would be my life’s purpose. 

After Seeing The Destructive Pattern Of Failed Diets Followed By Weight Gain Spikes That Make You Feel Frustrated And Hopeless

I Decided To Do Something About It!!!

My first rational decision in finding the solution was to not read any of the books or magazines for answers. The logic was, if they worked, then we would not have an INCREASE in weight problems in the US.
Think about it…
If what the information that is available to the masses of people like you actually worked, you would be already lean and have a sculpted body that turns heads.

The fact is the average weight of a person in America continues to rise out of control.

So I at least knew what approach didn’t work. (I learned that those books and magazines are directly promoting MORE yo yo dieting and harmful workouts)

So I started from scratch and studied chemically and mechanically how the body works. I was fueled by the emotions of guilt, “giving up”, and lack of self worth that Jen and other clients felt over the years.
I made it my life’s purpose to help people like Jen overcome those feelings PERMANENTLY!  

Helping people overcome their struggles is one of the most rewarding things we can do right?

Every client that asked for help I felt like Welsey saying “as you wish” to princess Buttercup. (It’s an old movie reference and one of my favorites…)

I studied thousands of medical published journals. I designed, tested, and retested different program on countless clients even when I was in medical school. 

20 years later I designed a science based and client’s results proven solution to completely redesign your body from the inside out safely and permanently.

The key that has led to successful and safe fat loss in clients who have used this system lies in the concept of “MEASURED BALANCE”.
Would you agree that we can’t effectively change what we don’t measure?

Well, in fitness, trainers typically measure your weight, inches, calories, muscle imbalances, right? Yet, what’s the one thing that dictates how well you can control your body during any exercise?

What’s the one thing that controls which exercises shape your body and which ones hurt your body? 

By measuring how coordinated you are you can safely do the right exercises that shape your body without damaging it

Once We Design Your Safe And Unique Exercise Routine That You Can Easily Do At Home, We Then Measure Your Mind For Weight Loss Success
Our goal is to  change your mindset  from “It’s hard for me to lose weight” to “I get in great shape and feel confident and sexy very easily”. (yes you can do this)

By measuring how you currently think, we can incrementally and permanently change it to a thought pattern that leads to success using our Measure Balance approach.

YES, taking the right actions will make that happen!

By using our “Measured Balance” approach, you will be able to Measure and track your progress and Balance your efforts to avoid stress, failure, and plateaus.  

So what do we "Balance" to make this program a success?

●  It’s a balance of exercise with nutrition.          
●  It’s a balance of inner work with outer work.
●  It’s a balance of Eastern and Western approaches.
●  It’s the balance that makes this system work permanently and with ease. 

With this approach, our clients now lose the weight they want without dieting, without measuring every bit of food, without doing hours and hours of exercise a week.
Using balance you can lose inches simply by doing 10-30 minute workouts 3-5 days a week.
Once you let go of the concept of “bad foods”  you completely get rid of guilt and sense of failure when you eat. The best part is you never feel restricted or limited.

This is not one of those fake hype diets where you eat nothing but veggies and proteins and then gorge on your favorite “cheat” foods.
Yes, this works in the short term but eventually every day becomes a “Cheat Day” and all of your weight and struggles comes back with a vengeance.

The “Measured Balance” approach is simple yet shockingly different…
Measure + Balance = Lean Sexy Body (Permanently)
Arriving at this was NOT easy. It took 20 years of hard work, 147K in tuition for 3 degrees (in kinesiology and physical therapy), and thousands of hours of working with clients like you,  and passion to create.
So after I was able to figure out the solution to yo yo dieting and harmful workouts I decided…

Why Not Make The Ability
To Lose Weight Safely And Permanently

Available To Everyone!!!

So I decided to combine all the research…all the hours I spent researching the art and science of effective fat loss and body shaping into a single solution that’ll make losing fat and inches where you want it GONE a sustainable and safe process.

You’ll get all the tips and techniques that’ll allow you to fit into those sexy jeans and have a flat stomach so you feel confident, happy, and sexy when you invest in: 


Body Readiness Program

The Body Readiness Program will enable you to Lose Inches where you want without having to do crazy harmful workouts and restrictive diets that make you feel guilty when you are off it yet hungry and stressed when you are on it!   

 This program is a balance of a  “Ranked” workout program (that matches the perfect exercises properly customized to you) to sculpt your body faster and a “Replenish” program to make healthy eating simple and realistic for your life. 

 You’ll get a complete workout routine perfectly matched to your coordination levels so every movement gets you toned and slim without aches and pains.  

√  Each efficient 30 minute workout avoids those typical harmful movements seen in gyms and exercise videos and magazines. (like upright rows, dips, wall squats, side lateral raises, and sit ups!).

√  You get 6 sessions with our fitness coach to teach you the customized patent pending movements in our "green facility" that is the most safe and non toxic gym in the region. (most gyms are chemically harmful for you and toxic to your skin and cells!)

 You get movements that actually help you move better with less risk for injury (This is the opposite of typical fitness, bootcamp, and crossfit workouts).  

 You also get a dedicated fitness coach to help you move, think, and feel permanent successful weight loss. (they don't just count reps, they transform your mindset using our Unique Systems) 

 Our fitness coaches will customize your experience to assure you get the body you desire while actually enjoy the process. (we have designed fun games to make this process... FUN)

 With our scientific yet emotionally powerful “Replenish” System, you will learn to automatically choose healthy foods effortlessly with weekly coaching that you will learn about below…  


You have complete access to your dedicated fitness coach with video calls, private group discussions, and emails to make your journey from your current self to a leaner, sexier, and more empowered self an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience.
By making this experience fun and enjoyable, your weight loss also becomes fun and enjoyable
All of this was created from 20 years of research, $187,000 in tuition and countless (yet the most rewarding) hours of working with over a thousand moms over the years.  

Seeing you fit into your sexy jeans and guiding you to becoming more empowered is the most rewarding work there is.
When you finish the program you can reflect back and realize:
- You built this amazing body.
- You took back control of your health
- You reclaimed passion and love in yourself and with your husband
Sounds great, doesn’t it?
Yet don’t take my word for it, here’s what other clients are saying about the Body Readiness Program

"You're safe. You have a great workout and you'll get your results"

"I started to because I had been working out and not getting the results that I wanted. I've dropped a couple of sizes. That's always good.

The best thing is they move you without injury. You're safe. You have a great workout and you'll get your results. I've really enjoyed the workout. It's not boring, it varies, it's energizing and I have
a lot of fun."

Kathy Kelmer, NJ

"The benefits were beyond what I expected."

"I have a lot of restrictions. I've been told that I actually need surgery on my neck. I have a lot of problems with my neck. The benefits were beyond what I expected."

"Not only feeling better, looking better, eating better. Those were all goals that I had and I feel that I'm achieving those and continuing to work harder to get even better."

"They will look at what goals you have and will show you how to get those results. They will push you to get to those points and I've been very happy with my results."

Melissa Mocatelli, NJ


Which Of These Powerful Elements Could You Use To Lose Inches Permanently

  • Workout exercises that burn 210-554% more fat
  • Sculpt Your Body with only minutes not hours a day
  • A coach to hold you accountable to smash your goals
  • One simple tip that will end your yo yo dieting habits forever
  • A recipe for losing weight without feeling restricted
  • A 2 thousand year old trick to accelerate your fat loss immediately
  • A  system to make your fat loss process enjoyable and sustainable
  • A community of tribe members to share your journey and be your biggest supporters and friends
  • …And a whole lot more! 

"Okay, So What’s The Cost For Losing All Those Stubborn Inches So You Can Inspire Your Kids And Your Family To Be Healthy And Empowered!"

There are many people who spend thousands of wasted dollars trying to lose weight year after year. Not to mention the countless hours of time wasted banging your head against the wall with ineffective and harmful exercise routines.

Plus you can buy other services that range between $250 and $597 a month but end up frustrated at the end.

Believe me, I know many of the “experts” charging those rates even when they don’t follow fundamental science by measuring your coordination levels.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount for Your Body Readiness Program.  You can get everything you need to lose all the body fat and inches you want and feel confident, sexy, and happy for a low price of $97.

You see, $97 is a drop in the bucket compared to the money your going to waste on ineffective diet programs, diet pills, and harmful workouts that destroy your joints while you workout.

You probably spend that much on new clothes, shoes, and other items that give you an immediate sense of happiness. However that feeling is gone after awhile. A sexy lean body and the knowledge that you took back control of your health, gives you those feelings all day every day…

Why not invest your money to lose weight the sustainable and safe way instead?
Believe me, I wish I had developed the Body Readiness Program when I was younger and working with Jen.  It would have saved her hours of frustrating trial and error, and I would have been able to empower her with this fail proof system sooner.
So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away?

We’ll it’s really quite simple. I want to give everyone, including you, the ability to take complete control of your body and weight using a “time tested” approach.

I want to protect your joints from rapid and early onset of arthritis and pain as a result of typical gym workouts, crossfit, or bootcamp workouts.
I want to protect your mind from feelings of guilt and failure whenever you put weight on after a failed diet attempt (because this will NEVER happen again)

I want to protect you from the enormous amounts of so called “experts” who are just selling you harmful pills, workouts, and “hacks”.

Helping you take complete control of your weight so you feel confident and empowered has been my passion since I met Jen.

So I will do whatever it takes to make sure you succeed!

Here Is What you Get WIth The
Body Readiness Program 

√  1 Complete Injury Risk And Body Movement Skill Testing Using Our Body Readiness Ranking System To Measure Exactly Where Your Body Is Today So We Can Map Out Exactly How To Get It To Where You Want To Be Tomorrow

√  6 One On One Training Sessions With Our Fitness Coaches To Teach You Safe Exercises Using Our Readiness System That Are Unlike Any Other Workout You Have Tried So You Lose Inches In Those Hard To Lose Areas Fast And Without Pain

√  You Get A Tool To Wake Up Everyday Without Stress And Overwhelm And Ready To Take Charge Of Your Day Ahead. We Will Give You This When You Come In To Our Facility!  

Because I am dedicated to my passion of helping moms like Jen and you feel confident, in control, and sexy I want to bribe you to take action today and now. 

Wanting it is not enough. You need action and change to get results. So I want you to take action now by bribing you with some serious  bonuses. 


3 FREE Bonuses
Worth $1023  If You Take
Action Right NOW!

You can start losing weight with a sustainable and effective system with only $7 down today and $90 billed in 30 days if you are 100% satisfied!

Just click the button below to START Now


FREE Bonus Gift #1: Complete access to our Permanent Transformation  Program that identifies your current eating behaviors and customizes the most relevant and best tips to help you eat healthy effortlessly. We Measure your currently knowledge and habits around eating and send you weekly customized tips to incrementally and permanently improve how you eat. It’s like getting a life coach in nutrition for 12 weeks! A $897 value

FREE Bonus Gift #2: A short Book on what chemicals you are being exposed to that are slowing your metabolism down and adding more and more toxic fat to your body. You will learn how to identify and remove these toxins to feel 3x more energetic and speed up your metabolism while cutting your risk of many cancers. A $29 value

FREE Bonus Gift #3:  A complete Mind Body System that measures and helps you identify the specific thoughts, behaviors, and habits that are subconsciously working AGAINST you and sabotaging your body and causing more and more weight gain. You will identify them and replace them with ones that make you feel joyful, empowered, and confident! A $97 value

That’s right! I’ll give you these 3 bonuses worth $1023 when you take action today and invest in Your Body Readiness Program. This is limited time offer I can take down at any second—so take action today! 

Yet I Know You’re Skeptical About
Losing Fat Without Restrictive Diets And Harmful Workouts.
 Which Is Why We’re Taking ALL The Risk!

That’s OK…I’ve been there!

Before I had spent 20 years working on this and seeing the proven results, I felt the same way.
That’s why I’m offering the following 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if you don’t feel this is the best online program to get you the body you deeply desire then let me know and I’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund within 30 days. 

No questions asked—no hassles!

"This is more than just fitness training. I was coached to be accountable so my workouts go t done. It's all about being consistent."

"I have learned so much from the trainers. I feel like I have all the tools now to finally keep my weight off and do it without all the dieting I used to do"

"If you want to workout and not get hurt, this is the best program out there period."

"Thank You,"

Summer Breskow. NJ

"Working out never came easy for me. I always put everyone else's needs before mine so I never had the time to workout"

"I've learned to put my self first and to take care of my body. My family has benefited from seeing my transformation. That was something I didn't expect!"

"What started as a goal for myself became something much more. I've learned to do the simple and quick workouts that have completely changed my body"

"The best workouts ever"

Lynn S., NJ

I feel this is as fair as I could be!
That means you can try out Your Body Readiness Program  at my risk. See if it works for you or not. And if it doesn’t produce any results, I honestly want to you to ask for your money back within the 30 days!!
Yet I’m sure you’ll be able to lose those stubborn inches using our safe and sustainable process.

I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort creating Your Body Readiness Program and writing this letter to you if I didn’t think it would absolutely work.
You will use it to get the body you truly desire and feel free from guilt, stress, and lack of passion! 

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In The Body Readiness Program!

Right now, you have two choices:
You can either sit there and continue to feel like you have lost control of your weight, your health, and your busy schedule and let your body control your negative feelings.  
Or you can take action today, right now, by investing in Your Body Readiness Program. And start controlling your body to lose the inches and feel sexy, alive, and passionate again!
This choice is yours. Choose To Have Your Health In Your Control

Imagine waking up and jumping out of bed with lots of energy because you look and feel energetic, hopeful, and grateful.  You use a simple tool we will give you to start your day comletely stress free and grateful and ready to attract peace and joy. 

It's your workout play day. So you arrive at our facility in Voorhees on Cooper Road and instantly you feel more energetic and ready to feel amazing through your coaching session of fun movements. 

30 minutes later, you feel like you accomplished your goal of living healthier and you know you just did the best thing for your body.

Then you apply the tips you received from emails from your coach and you effortless make better choices in your nutrition without feeling restricted.

You enjoy the foods you are eating and you are actually having FUN with this process of discovering new things about food, about proper movement, and about yourself.

Your new confidence and sense of empowerment  now attracts a whole new vibration of other people and opportunities your older self couldn’t see and connect with.

Your family is so proud and inspired by your new confidence and happiness they become more active as well.

You log into our private Facebook group page and share your wins and celebrate your progress with other amazing moms.

Happiness and fulfillment come with ease and you can now sit quietly and be a peace with everything in your life with ease.

Sure, not everything will be perfect. When you do have questions, you email your coach or get on a video call to have answers and the support you need to get you closer and closer to your thinner and sexier body.
To give you this life of joy and to help you with this journey toward empowerment and confidence is my purpose, my passion, and my life. That is why you are being given this opportunity today.
You can start losing weight and taking the path to more fulfillment in life instantly when you take action and order Your Body Readiness Program.

So order today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind. And be prepared to look amazing, feel empowered, and live a life of complete bliss


You can start losing weight with a sustainable and effective system with only $7 down today and $90 billed in 30 days if you are 100% satisfied!

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Thank you for visiting today. I would love to hear your success story! Please send me an email.

I love seeing your success!

Dr. Steve Young, DPT

P.S. One more thing, it’s important: I reserve the right to raise the price of The Body Readiness Program based on demand. As our dedicated fitness coaches get busy, I will have to hire and train more to accommodate the demand.

Plus, the 3 bonuses worth $1023 may be taken off this offer and sold individually. So invest in The Body Readiness Program while this offer is still up!

P.P.S. Imagine being able to never battle your weight again and have your ideal body (yes, picture this image in your mind now to manifest it into reality). You are smiling as you look in the mirror and thinking, “I did it” and “This is who I am and I am NEVER losing this again”.
The Body Readiness Program was created to enable you to lose the weight you want in a sustainable, safe, and enjoyable way. The best part is you’re backed by my complete satisfaction money back guarantee!  So order today! 

You can start losing weight with a sustainable and effective system with only $7 down today and $90 billed in 30 days if you are 100% satisfied!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm super busy and have little time for exercise, will this work for me?

A: Since the workouts are designed to be the most efficient way to get in shape, your time commitment to this program will be less than any other program. Even if you only have 15 minutes a day to exercise, you can still get results. Many of the processes don't involve additional time. You will learn how to now do MORE things but do the RIGHT things to get results. 

Q: I have a current injury and some pain right now. Can I do this program?

A: Since our entire process is designed based on the science of physical therapy, your fitness coach will know exactly how to avoid aggrevating your injury while still giving you the most fun and enjoyable workouts using our Met Max Movements to speed up your metabolism for faster weight loss. 

Q: I've had a history of losing and gaining weight, how is this different?

A: This program is 100% designed for permanent weight loss. Because every step of your progress is systematic, continuous, and small, it feel effortless. This Low Effort approach changes habits and avoids the use of "Will Power" and "Discipline". By doing that you never "give in"  and feel like you have failed. By avoiding those feelings you make permanent changes and therefore achieve permanent results. 

Q: I can't make it to your facility, can I still do this program?

A: Yes, you can do every exercise and take full advantage of this program with a set of exercise bands you can order online. WIth the bands, you can do our Met Max Movements to speed up your metabolism at home and still get 100% of the benefits and see results at home. Our fitness coaches will design and send you workouts on video that you will do at home to get amazing workouts in less than 25 minutes. 

Q: I'm often tired throughout the day, will I have enough energy to get this done?

A: Yes, the movements will speed up your metabolism and give you more energy. Traditional fitness movements break down you body and causes MORE fatigue. Our Met Max Movements do the opposite and gives you more energy to enjoy the day. 

You can start losing weight with a sustainable and effective system with only $7 down today and $90 billed in 30 days if you are 100% satisfied!

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