Chocolate benefits and why you should eat this kind

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Not all chocolate is created equal. You may have heard that dark chocolate is better for you than the light kind.


However the biggest difference lies in the ingredients. If you look at your chocolate product and the ingredients say “cocoa” then you have just purchased the less healthy  kind of chocolate.  “Cocoa” is made by taking raw cacao and processing it with baking soda to remove the fat. This allows for your chocolate to melt better and be able to disperse in liquid better.


During this process the manufacturer will also add back in fats for taste and some sugar.  The chocolate is broken apart and chemically put back together for improved taste and consistency. While yummy for your tummy, this process takes a lot of the nutrients out and adds in chemicals.


Luckily there is a better option. There are a few companies that make good tasting chocolate from raw Cacao. One of my favorite companies is this Scared Heart.  They only use raw cacao and the chocolate is sweetened with maple syrup.  Why? Because maple syrup actually has a lot of anti-oxidants and nutrients (much more so than sugar).


One of my favorite products they have is called Holy Hemp Chocolate .  It’s chocolate infused with CBD  a legal  chemical found in Hemp that has amazing anti-anxiety, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor growth effects.


The combination of the chocolate and the BCD has amazing effects on your mood.


In chocolate, a chemical called theobromine has fat loss and feelings of happiness effects. When combined with BCD which helps reduce sensations of stress and anxiety, it becomes a powerful combination.


So this is one chocolate you can indulge and actually and literally feel good about!


So you can get your guilt-free and super healthy chocolate here. 


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