Health and fitness passion and current problems

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Health and Fitness has been my passion since high school… just 4 years ago ; )

Some of you may or may not know that there is a crisis in the health and fitness and fitness and muscle confusion

Americans continue to become more and more unhealthy and currently 66% of the population is overweight!!! Our medical professionals have largely become a system of treating symptoms (especially with drugs) with the exception of a few. It’s up to YOU to take control of your own health and fitness.

Misleading information on health and fitness


Now the drawback to this is that there is a crap load of bad information out there. Because the fitness industry is not regulated, so called “experts” are putting out information that can be extremely harmful. Granted, these professionals have the best intentions. They are not out there trying to intentionally harm you. It’s just that the level of knowledge to be a fitness professional is not regulated so their passions for fitness can sometimes lead to bad recommendations. Below are some videos with examples.

How to properly do TRX exercises

Hi this is Doctor Steve Young, in this video look how goes with TRX training. A lot of people doing movements here with improper technique and its crushing the lower backs. So I am going to go over a common trx exercise that people do in the gym with TRX bands for core.


So you will going to hook your feet in the bands and its very common that people do sort of these or both at the same time. When notice across the lower back, when you are doing this trx exercise your back is kind of rounding or twisting like this.


When trx exercises done properly your back should have no movements what so ever. Keep your core stable. It’s different than going kind of fast burning calories and feeling the burn versus doing it properly with core stability and no trunk or hip movement.


So that’s the difference between proper technique and improper technique. When you do it improperly and your spine is sitting on your pelvic crushing that’s more than 800 pounds of pressure crushing your lower back. Last thing you want to have a 800 pounds of pressure, like 2 NFL lineman standing on your lower back.
That much pressure with grind, so make sure you do it properly for your safety.

Here is a video about muscle confusion… the Biggest Lie Ever



What is muscle confusion!

In this video I am going to talk about something that is really passionate for me which is workout safety.
The biggest thing I have been seeing because of p90 access, this whole muscle confusion technique or concept. Now I can tell you from a physiological standpoint on how your body works. And believe me I have taught exercise physiology at master’s level. I pretty much know physiology like the back of my hand.


And to tell you the concept of muscle confusion, It’s sheer marketing. It sells because to confuse your muscles it’s the opposite that you really want. What you really want is your muscles to adapt, in fact if you look at the physiological defiant ion of injury is the failure of your body to adapt.


There is no sense to doing those training program where you confuse your muscles so they does not adapt. As a smart strength and conditioning coach I have trained top level athletes, UFC fighters, MMA fighters. It’s about plan progression not muscle confusion.


You want a plan progression of exercises that takes you from A to B, B to C, C to D and somewhere between you have rest, you have hard days, easy days, paradise in fact these are called non linear position. Science has showed It’s much more effective than straight liner position.


It’s all about plan progression and not confusing your muscles. This is the biggest pet people mind of fitness and training industry right now with whole muscle confusion thing. So make sure when you plan your workout is structure and plan with slight increases and responses whether it be for strength, more power or decrease rest time so you can make your work outs harder and harder.


Of course with easier workouts so you can make your recovery. That’s the proper way to construct your workout program for optimum results without injuries.


It’s my passion to shed light to this HUGE fitness problem and share some useful insight that you can use immediately to help yourself. If you have any comments, please post them and ask me. I’ll be more than happy to discuss what you think and what your needs are.


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