Proper Fitness training technique progression

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What is this fitness exercise called power clean?


I am Rich Polar, head trainer here at bodysolutions and today we are talking about a high level exercise called the power clean. The reason we call it the power clean because it is quick, it involves multiple joints, multiple planes.


I am going to demonstrate it to you real quick just to show you how complex this exercise is. I am going to grab the bar here, drive my hips, shrug my shoulders and catch it. I am sure you have seen a lot of exercises like this, may be on TV or may be in your local gym.


I am sort of grab this here, drive my hips up and I am going to shrug and catch, is very fast. Just look at that exercise, you can see that you know I have to have good strength in my lower body and upper body. My hips have to be my hips have to be balanced. But there are lots of coaches out there and individuals who part take in the power clean and they are not ready for it.


And what does it causes their balance and risks injury. What I am trying to get to here as at bodysolutions we take you through a ranking system. It is called body readiness ranking system and we make sure that you are prepared to do a high level exercise like the power clean.

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Power Clean is a great for athletes


So for an athlete, it would be awesome for an athlete to do a power clean because quick ballistic motion. For general population if you are trying to burn a lot of calories, it is multiple joints but don’t draw the gun too quick. Because what happens is that if you are not ready for it, it is going to increase your risk for injury so I encourage all of you out there to maybe come in here and see what level you are.


Maybe this way we can coach you and take you through our programming and this way once you get to that level 5, we will be rolling. And you will see how efficient you have become and also safer. So I encourage you to stop by and check this out.


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