My Journey

From Pain to Freedom

One afternoon in 2006, as I was standing inside a hospital room watching the IV drip…​

I wondered when will my wife stop crying because of pain..

When will her suffering ever end?

“When will she get to be herself again…

enthusiastic, happy, and pain-free..”

She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and right
beside me is the doctor speaking…

"The only option is to take these two drugs for the rest of her life and live with the flare-ups. "



That question immediately brought me back in 1989 to a dreaded physical fitness test in my freshman year of high school…

…where I was lapped

…by a girl

…in front of the entire class.

That moment of serious shame made me feel so sick of being sick and tired of being tired.

From then on, I decided to redirect my mind and dedicated my life to mastering my health. I read everything I could about muscle building, fat loss, nutrition, mindset, personal development, and metacognition. 

I came to a huge realization that “the only difference between Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, and me is the way we think.” 

The only thing I can truly control is my perception of life.

And the moment I changed my own perception and set a specific intention, the best masters at their craft showed up in my life. 

William Kraemer, who discovered the 7 muscle types, taught me how to biohack my body from weak and incapable to a top-level natural bodybuilder. 

In 1996, Vladimir Zatsiorsky taught me how to exercise in a way to change my genetic potential (this was before the study of epigenetics was even invented!).

“Dr. Young, what would you like to do?”, the doctor repeated.

I immediately got back to my senses. 

In that moment, I realized that every sleepless night of studying and every moment of dedication to the mastery of overall health actually prepared me for this. I faced the doctor and answered with a confident decision to pull my wife out of the broken healthcare system (that for me, only manages illnesses). 

I applied a more scientific and holistic approach, and in just 6 weeks of consistently doing so, she became symptom-free.

I felt that day that I wanted to do something to give that same feeling of relief to humanity. 

I wanted to help end suffering from chronic illnesses, and now it became my passion to build scalable transformations of the mind, body, and spirit for humanity.

It became my mission to help humanity let go of DIS-EASE and experience life with EASE instead.

The moment I got clear with my purpose, more magical people appeared to help. Spiritual leaders revealed the deeper superpowers we are all capable of and business leaders also joined our cause.


From my own transformation journey of biohacking and chasing what I want in 1995 to revealing my gifts and returning home to my true self now, I’ve never felt more at ease in my life.

Now, It’s my gift to pay it forward to the world and I invite you to join me.

Professional Bio

Dr. Steve Young is a Holistic Coach (Mind, Body, Spirit) with a degree in Kinesiology from Penn State and a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Hahnemann University (now Drexel).

He is an Amasian (Taiwanese) who has helped thousands of individuals re-engineer their health for a better lifestyle. He aims to create 1 Billion “Ammortals” – An Ammortal is a mortal that connects to and embodies the divine powers within. They have revealed their essence, gifts, and purpose in life so they inspire others to be and do greater good for humanity.

He is the Chief Solutionite of BodySolutions and the Consciousness Tinkerer and Chief Love Officer of Ammortal.