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You wish to Establish a LEGACY, Live your PURPOSE and perform with EXCELLENCE

But you’ve come to this point in your life where…

I understand exactly how you are feeling right now..

I found my passion for health when I was only 15 years old
and since 1997, I have helped over 8,000 individuals to “Re-engineer” their health 
as a Kinesiologist, Doctor, and a Coach.

Dear Entrepreneur

Do you want to:

It is possible to have all of these things and make bigger ripples in the sea of humanity while enjoying a longer life with your family without the sacrifice and willpower. 

You just need to start with one choice and one simple action! 

Let’s work together in Re-engineering (NOT hacking!) your health. Book a call with me today and let’s start the journey by first identifying your kryptonite.

Hi, I am Dr. Steve Young!

I am honored that you are here. 

It means we both share a deep desire to help humanity BE and LIVE our greatest potential. You and I also have a unique and fascinating story. 

I am a revealer of people’s greatness through mind and body optimization. My passion is to unite humanity through the practice of self love and self mastery. 

I believe that together, we can leave this world a better place for future generations.

I was magically shown this path through my own embarrassingly unhealthy behaviors during my chaotic childhood. Then the path became clearer to me when my wife almost died from an “incurable disease” as the traditional medical system failed her. 

As you explore this journey with me, you will learn there is a much better way to live, to thrive, and to be that defies the impossible. 

We all have hidden within us a unique signature gift that when revealed, becomes our greatest contribution to humanity. 

This becomes even more powerful when a group of us all gather with our gifts. I believe that time is now, and I invite you to join us. 

What My Clients Say

“I wasn’t aware of this next plane of energy, clarity, and vitality.”

Joe Mechlinski, CEO of Shift

“Single handedly one of the best investments of my time and money, was working with Steve and his team to get healthy in 2019. 

As someone who was already fit and healthier, I wasn’t aware of this next plane of energy, clarity and vitality. The program truly transformed the way I think about my relationship with everything. The least of it was cravings for certain foods and learning which of the foods would be best for my body”

“My sleep improved, concentration stayed level, and didn’t hurt to lose extra pounds!”

Melinda Wittstock
CEO and Founder, Wings Media

“Like any entrepreneur there are many demands on my time and energy – so it’s vital to be in peak performance in mind, body and spirit. 

After the detox and testing I found my sleep improved, my concentration stayed level and focused all day, and it didn’t hurt to lose some extra pounds! I recommend this for everyone!”

“My gut health had improved considerably.”

Mike Davis, News Personality

“Steve solves problems of the body in a simple, stress-free fashion. After months of gut issues and consulting multiple medical professionals, I was stuck. Steve came in and attacked my health issue head-on with unorthodox methods, yet clear-cut directions. 

After following his program, my gut health had improved considerably.”

Your Greatness = Your Legacy

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Your body is like a container. If it’s leaking, so is your power.

The first step to access your full greatness and connect with your super powers is to optimize your body. 

Explore effective mediums to strengthen your container and then fill it with spiritual rocket fuel!


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