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I found my passion for health when I was 15. I am grateful I get to share that passion and powerful strategies and tips with you and hopefully inspire the millions around the world to connect to your hidden healthy powers

What is the H3 Process?

Let me share what I’ve learned from being able to RE-ENGINEER (not “hack”) my health as well as over 6000 peoples’ health since 1997 as a Kinesiologist, a Doctor, and a Coach.

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Learn why I hate hacking here

We all have the power to lose weight and have a life of complete health and high energy without using will power and sacrifice. If you feel there is something broken in our medical model and believe we need to take back control of our health, then you are in the right place.

Learn how will power doesn’t work

Instead of dieting or using programs, you can be healthy and have the body you want by focusing on your Relationship with food. There is a process to this and you can learn it here

Are you Dating your Food?

If you feel you need a 28 hour day and a way to get all of your “to do list” done, I invite you to learn a process of taking control of your time back. This is the first step to having balance. Balance is the foundation of good health and a fulfilled life.

Forget About Work Life Balance

Should you be exercising in the gym to get an amazing body with your flat stomach and toned arms and thighs? Learn the proper way to move your body and not be hurt using a science based process instead of marketing hype.

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If you think you have tried all the answers and feel stuck and possibly hopeless when it comes to getting healthy or improving your health, there is always another way. Let me guide you in your journey to improving your mind and body in an “Invisible Effort” way.

What is an “Invincible Effort”?

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