At what stage of your Self-Discovery or Spiritual Growth are you?

Discover your level of personal transformation and get a guide to help you in your journey to self-discovery.

If someone cuts me off or drives too slow while I’m driving, I curse at them or try to get even.

The harder I try to accomplish something, the more obstacles get in my way.

During my free time, I have a hard time finding something to do.

When I first meet people, I judge them by how good-looking or well-dressed they are.

My dreams are about things that happened to me during the day.

While people are talking to me, I think about what my response will be or how to change the subject to something that interests me.

I have a hard time throwing stuff away and put up with a lot of clutter.

I like to watch the home shopping networks or prefer that sales staff assist me when I go shopping for something.

I enjoy arguing with other people about politics, race, or religion.

I can’t help getting my feelings hurt when people tease me or make insensitive comments.

I flirt with no intention of getting involved or flip through magazines looking for pictures of people that turn me on.

When I’m depressed, I like to be alone and resent it when people try to cheer me up with parties or going out.

I have no problem expressing myself in front of strangers or large groups of people.

I keep a journal of inspirational thoughts or carry a list of personal guidelines in my purse or wallet.

I spend my free time meditating or just sitting in the dark listening to music.

I am very good in an emergency but fall apart afterwards.

I get great joy from just being home alone and organizing my room.

I can get so involved in a book or movie that I unintentionally ignore people when they talk to me.

If I really want something but don’t try too hard to get it, things have a way of just falling into place.

I feel there is a guiding presence inside me, though I don’t like to talk about it because it cheapens it.

I experience strange or distorted bodily sensations when I am falling off to sleep or waking up.

To score the Personal Alchemy Quiz

Any negative scores should be interpreted as a score of zero. An interactive, self-scoring version of the Alchemy Quiz is available at the author’s website.

If you scored 0-7 points

You are likely still in the Calcination phase of your personal alchemy and need to take definitive steps toward breaking free of your materialistic viewpoint. Try to find the time to attend lectures by spiritual leaders, read their books, or begin a private program of meditation.

If you scored 8-15 points

You are in Dissolution and should make a concerted effort to recognize the spiritual influences in your life. These forces are surfacing, and you should prepare yourself.

Scores of 16-22 points

Indicate you have finally entered the Separation phase and should be taking an honest look at yourself and the things you want to count on later in your life.

If you scored 23-30 points

You have reached a Conjunction of the opposing forces within your personality. At this time of renewed confidence, you should seek those activities that reinforce your peace of mind. It is an excellent time for a nature retreat or deep meditative session.

Scores in the lower range of 31-40

This means you are beginning Fermentation and could be experiencing both mental and physical depression. Be patient and try to feel the full intensity of your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, since they are offering you a true escape from the mundane world in which you feel yourself trapped. Higher scores in this range indicate that you are undergoing a period of true inspiration during which you should try to keep as grounded as possible. Keep a journal of your thoughts and dreams no matter how strange or irrelevant they may seem.

If you scored in the range of 41-48 points

You could be experiencing Distillation. This is a true break with the world, so it is important to stay oriented during this disconcerting process by identifying a “presence” within you that is always centered.

Scores of 49-55 points

This suggest that you are in a stage of Coagulation in which worldly concerns are receding and hidden spiritual forces are taking on new reality. Respect the new freedom and perspective you have achieved at this plateau, for in all likelihood, a new round in your personal alchemy is about to begin.