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Sample workout routines for better life, weight loss

Easy gym workout routines


Do this easy gym workout from the top to bottom in a circuit. Then repeat

Squat and chop down

Squat and chop down is a high level core exercise, your feet should be at least shoulder width apart and as you pull the band you are going to squat down at the same time. So what we have here is multiple joint involvement that’s why it is a high level. So when you are squatting down you want to sit back on to the heels, you want to make sure that you knees are nice and straight.


You do not want them to buckle in because it puts too much pressure on the knees and causes your back to round so be careful of that. As you are going down you want to keep your arm nice and straight. You will go from the shoulder to the thigh and keep this nice tempo because what is gotta do is basically work the body harder. So we have so much involvement, specially your trunk muscles, shoulder muscles, your arm muscles to pull across as you do the squat and chop down level 4.


Lunge and Row

We are doing lunge and row so what we are doing is working on the lower and upper body at the same time. You see we are in a split stance and we are going to challenge your balance a little bit more in this exercise. Another thing is we got to keep our chest up, we are going to keep 80,20% means 80% of your weight should be on the front leg and 20% on the back leg.


All the pressure should be on the heel of the front and you do not want this back heel to dropdown. Because if this heel drops down you are not going to be able to lunge so you got to keep it up. So few points while doing this exercise.


Not only we are working the lower upper body one thing is you do not want your knee to give in, obviously it will put stress on the knee and it will also take away the activation of the hip. Other thing is you do not want to lean back to far, you will see it is putting a lot of stress on the knee cap.


So always keep that 80/20 rule guys, and other thing is you don’t your shoulders round. Because if your shoulders are round, its gonna cause whole break down. Its going to stress your back and your upper body also. So you want to keep your shoulder blades back. Wanna keep good time and attention, like I said it is a great exercise for weight loss. It will burn a lot calories because we are working on the lower and upper body.


Stand and Chop Up

Static Chop up, what I mean by static is the lower body just static with knees slightly bent, hip slightly bent and we are sitting back and your feet with shoulder width apart. This exercise is great for the core muscles. When we are saying core we are not talking about sit ups, we are not talking about crunches that’s on back. We are talking about standing postures which are great for core muscles.


What we have is feet shoulder width apart, he is going to basically keep his chest up and pull with the framework of his body. From the hip to the shoulder. Anything outside of that will put stress on the shoulder and put stress on the back alright. If you keep it within this distance A to B, it will work very hard and you are going against gravity and that’s going to work twie as hard as well.


So you can see you do not want the shoulders to round, if your shoulders are round it is going to put stress on the rotator cuff and like I said any type of twisting motion will put stress on the spine as well. And you do not want you kneed buckling, because if your knees buckling in it will obviously take away the hip motion.


IT is great for the trunk muscles, great for the upper body. It is a full body exercise. It is definitely great to do this without lying down and doing some crunches. You can see he is doing great time and rotation, what that means he is going to burn more calories, it is safer and it won’t put unnecessary stress on your joints.


Squat and PNF D1+D2 Flexion

Squat and PNF D1+D2 Flexion is great full body functional exercise to do your lower and upper body exercise at the same time. Feet are shoulder width apart and we are going down to a certain degree and keeping a good pace and tempo. We are actually pulling across and externally rotating to the other side.


So when you keep good decent tempo what its going to do is burn a lot of calories and also this exercise is great for athletes and general population.


Lunge And PNF D1 Extension

Another great exercise for lower and upper body and functional fitness, you can see the feet are split and in lunge position. We will burn a lot of calorie guys which is very important. You can see we are going up from a palm up position to a palm down position. You can see the knee straight, the back heel is up and the arms are straight which are making the back muscles work harder.


What you do not want to do is round your shoulder and the back heel to drop, it takes away from the front leg.


And you do not want the knee to buckle in while lunging, which is a no no. You want to keep it nice and straight so it works the hips.


Push Ups

Push ups are complex and a great full body functional exercise and there are a lot of muscles involved to do a push up. First thing we are going to do is get to the push up position. You want to make sure that everything is right and tight. So when you do that it will take the stress off the lower back muscles and make sure your shoulders are back the entire time.


This way it will take off the stress away from the rotator cuff muscles and make sure that the chin is tucked in. keep your stomach tight and you are going to come down and pop up back up and keep a good pace and tempo. As you are doing this you do not want your shoulder blades to round and don’t want your back to arch. It will put a lot of pressure to your set joints, particularly on the spine.


And you do not want your back to round forward, doing this motion you wanna make sure that you are nice and flat, shoulders are back, good pace and tempo. Those individuals like who has possible shoulder issues I would recommend not going down all the way it will take the pressure off that area.


If you are having difficulty doing a push up you can go on a bar or such a elevated surface like a table, chair and that will take the stress off the upper body and it will be little bit easier. You can also go on knee that’s another solution to the push up position. This just a basic push up, high calorie burning. Works the chest, works entire body if you keep everything nice and tight.


Side Planks with side laterals

Great exercise for working the trunk muscles, core muscles, lower body, back muscles and the shoulders. We are going to a lying position and we are going to lie down on the side arm extended and your left leg corner and right leg back. As when you are doing this exercise you will keep your shoulder blade back and your trunk nice and tight. You can see that he is keeping a good pace and tempo.


One thing is you got to keep the shoulder nice and compact because if you do not it will obviously put a lot of stress here. And other thing is, you don’t want the hip to drop down. It will obviously put a lot of stress on the back. We are going to keep the arm straight and pull up like so. It is a great exercise for your trunk muscles, your hips, and shoulders.

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