Bootcamp Workouts Can Be Helpful Or Harmful

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Bootcamp classes allows the trainer to leverage time. You get to have a larger group of people doing fun movements to get in shape. However those complex movements can be higher in active as well as “hidden” injury risk. (I talk about it in the video).


Imagine having the ability to run a bootcamp with each client doing movements that are specifically matched to their movement skill.  This would allow your staff trainers to give a great workout while accomplishing 3 important things every fitness professional is concerned about.

  1. You can maximize training quality and consistency using a system that allows trainers to put workouts together to accommodate all skill levels.
  2. You bring a system of movement skill development that makes the clients addicted to learning to increase retention
  3. You provide a tool your trainers can use to easily make workouts to save time


The entire system is based on the 4 variables I talk about in the video. Once you understand the value of this system and want to learn more, you can click here.