Self care for pain free body

Below are some simple things you can do and use to get your body to be and stay pain free. Use herbal medicine to help your body heal faster! Sinew Therapeutics makes lotions and soaks from proven Chinese herbal medicine. Unlike traditional Eastern medicine where drugs treat symptoms, their products can actually heal problems.   […]

Biomechanics of the lunge explained to protect your knees

If you love biomechanics like I do, then watch this video to see the force diagram explaining why the traditional lunge technique is harmful. You will learn how to correct it and what effects that has on your knees and your client’s knees. It’s our job to protect our clients from injury, not hurt them! […]

How To Do Lunges Without Damaging Your Knees

Watch this video to learn how the Lunge has been done in error and how you can be the expert trainer or fitness professional to do it correctly. To learn more about the biomechanics of this (see the force diagrams) click here.

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