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If you want to increase your word of mouth referrals by 72%, then this one simple inexpensive thing makes all the difference (it’s based on the book “Influence”)

HI! This is Dr.Steve again presenter of the 2013 PPS conference about marketing and automation. So I have another tip to share with you this is called the law of reciprocity. There is a great book that I recommend that you get by Robert cialdini and it is called Influence. Easy book to read and its going to sky rocket your referrals rate. And one of the law was law of reciprocity and I am going to explain to you and how you can use that to get more patients right now.


You see when you are helping patients feel better sometimes either they are afraid to ask for referrals or may be we don’t do it directly and you absolutely should. Whether you do it verbally, whether you send them a card or send them a email. Either way those three methods of delivery are just methods you need to ask for referrals. Now before you ask the people will more likely to give you the referrals and send people to you directly if you do a small favor first, you give them a gift or something.


In the book they basically gave a can of soda to someone, right. We are talking about value of less than a dollar and they were asked to do something for that person. And they stidued you know the peploe who didn’t get a can of soda vs who got a can of soda. People who got the can are much more likely to comply with the request right?


So you can give your patients whether be a 5 dollar starbucks card, local gift card may be a business that you can network with. They are more likely to send people to you. So you got to implement this sort of law of reciprocity, little thank you card, gift card, I highly recommend that you sit down and analyse what business are near you and your community that are possible referral sources not just doctors.


Because you want to go to them and buy tons of 5 dollar gift cards and give out to your patients so then you can go back to that business and ask them to send you people and they are more likely to do it. You just did them a favour, you just spent 50, 500 dollars at their place to send people to them.


And law of reciprocity applies to that, so I hope you implement this strategy to get more patients automatically. You got questions or comments, click below, I will be more than happy to answer the questions.


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Do you have questions about this concept. I would love to help. Just comment below


OR, if you have used this with great success, comment as well and share so other practice owners can benefit. We have to help each other to thrive in this economy!

Like I tell my daughters, sharing is caring 🙂


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