Holistic choices that do and do not serve your health

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Today we are going to talk about holistic health in a different perspective. This is doctor Steve Young owner and founder of bodysolutions some other companies. If you are talking about holistic health, you hear things like mind body and spirit. And if you combine with that how you do a certain thing is how you tend to do everything.


Like your habits and approaches to one aspect tends to sort of encompass other aspects of life. For example let say if you are having unhealthy eating pattern right. If you kind a sit down and think ooh I am eating and think I know this is not healthy for me but I am eating. Or I am eating this unhealthy food.


Typically if you holistically look at that, it means that you are also having some type of unhealthy thoughts. If unhealthy food choices is a physical perspective, if we apply how we do that to a mental perspective. Then you may also find you are having unhealthy thoughts.


This might be things and thoughts that don’t serve you. Little things that kind of take a pen and paper and write down what are the things are going through my head, some internal dialogue that are being repeated.


We are not talking about the fleeing moments thoughts. We will have some fleeing moment’s thoughts and we want to keep in mind that we are not our thoughts right? We can have unusual thoughts that come and go I am talking about your daily repeated verbal affirmations that are unhealthy for yourself.


You just want to write them down and identify them because when it comes to food and things sometimes its very easy. I know that cheese cake is not sort of super healthy. However when it comes to thoughts, we may not be so clear so it’s a great exercise to just write down what are the thoughts I am having that do not serve my health and happiness that are repeated in my life.


So the physical transcends to the mental. If you have physical transcending to mental then there might be some spiritual or higher self. What am I doing, what are my beliefs, what are my feelings write down that I am having that don’t serve my health.


You should write those down and by identifying having clarity on these things will only let you be more aware of the holistic self of yourself. By doing this exercise you will be highly be able to improve your vibration. Improve your health, improve your frequency of just being.


This knowledge and awareness is super powerful to have. Because only through sort of self-reflection, you are looking at it from outside in, you can have the information that you can use to get this amazing opportunity to learn more about yourself to take your life from where it is now. If you are in anyway looking to change to different direction, these are the exercises and tools you can use to make that happen.