Holistic Health

Let me explain to you what is holistic health and happiness process, I like to call it the H3 process. You see there are so many tactics are being recommended for you to get healthier to lose weight, to have better life’s, be happier and many of these tactical things in terms of what you should be doing are great but you may have implemented something yourself and have gotten results.


However if those results have not lasted for life long, if you feel that you have reverted back to when you did not implemented those tactics there is something else that we can work on. And that’s going to be the H3 process.
In this process we basically the H3 process involves the entire hierarchy of how do you change, permanently change so you get the results you want. Lets go through each of those things one by one.


At the very top here, you have your values, your values define who you are. They are the root decision makers of your brain that says in this situation how are you govern. How are you going to choose what to do in this situation? Those are your values, those could be being honest, being forthright, loving, and compassionate, some of those are your values.


Underneath those values are your beliefs. Your beliefs are basically how do you frame what is happening in the world right? And your beliefs are such as people aren’t any good, people are evil, I am a dictatue sugar that’s a belief. Now your belief at the lower level will dictate your perceptions.


You see, reality is our brain only perceives approximately only 5% of reality. Right now as you are watching this video you are probably not watching the screen, or the dust that’s on your screen, or if you are watching this on your phone may be how you are holding your phone or iPad right now. Or how your fingers right now are oriented or the marks on your fingers.


Like all the little details your brain is not paying attention to, it can’t because yo will go crazy. So knowing that we can only see about 5 % of reality and knowing that your beliefs in what you choose to see around the world controls your perception. I have this picture here, imagine this is reality this all the red. And this little tiny dot is you can see through.


And by changing your beliefs and by only changing your beliefs that how you can choose where to move this dot. Where to move this dot, where to pay attention to. And this will be extremely important as we move down. So keep that in mind that you beliefs control your perception.


Basically once you see something, your beliefs chooses to see that, you are gonna off course the follow through you are going to have thoughts about it. What are your thoughts about, what are your internal dialogues that you have in regards to what you just experienced and saw.


And your thoughts basically just becomes your reality and the reality affects the next step which is your action. What are you going to do in response of what you saw based on what you interpreted this on your reception and the dot that you look through, reality and that’s going to control your actions.


Interestingly it’s a feedback mechanism, your action then has a certain response. Someone talks at you with a certain way, you perceive a certain meaning that becomes your reality. You have thoughts wooh, that meant this and then you take action in response of that. And the action now your body just says what did I just do?


What was the action for that was feedback loop to your perceptions which is off course is based on your beliefs. Recognizing this is important as we will talk about in few seconds. When you actions are in this process what you figure out is that imagine when you drive to work or when you go to some place where you typically go to. You may have this you got there almost in autopilot, you did not really know how you got there, and you just got there.


You did not paid attention to all the details, believe it or not in life we operate on mostly what we call habits. On auto pilot, you have this habits to response habits to things to do. So it’s the habits that gives us the results that we have in our lives.


In habits are off course responses to repeated actions. If you continue to repeat a few actions your brain is like, let me not micro manage that. Let me turn that into an habit so that its on autopilot. In this way I can use my executive brain, my functional brain to make other decision. Your repeated routines essentially becomes habit and so another part which is delegated.


Its almost like outsource if you are into business, basically take the load of your thinking brain. Interestingly many of the things you want to improve like your health, your happiness, your business anything its really all about addressing your habits.


Yet you cannot address our habits unless you think about your actions, the thoughts, the belief then the values, they all work together. And why this in important, if we take a look at here, these 5 things, your values, beliefs, though, action and habits together make the relationship that you have.


Your relationship with yourself, your relationship with food, and your relationship with what I call contribution and then your relationship with the world.


As of you want to adapt and use the H3 process and having this Holistic Health and Happiness you want to look at what is your relationship with yourself. Ultimately that’s going to dictate your happiness. If your relationship with yourself is something along the lines of this like I am busy with work, family all those responsibilities, something has to give.


Something has to sacrificed, and that is typically me time. The self-care, self-love time. If that’s the type of relationship that you have with yourself then that relationship will lead to many actions, many beliefs and many habits. And that result of that type of relationship with yourself is typically you get sick, you get injuries, your body and your mind, everything kind of beaks down.


Because you are basically saying all those things are really important you are the thing that’s going to give. If you are looking to improve, decrease injuries and decrease things that happens to your body. It’s not about the stretches or the actions, those tactical things help but those pattern will repeat unless you address the relationship with yourself by realizing this and working through each steps of this.


And as it relates to food, if you feel like you want to lose weight or you want to gain muscle or you want to change your body. Your relationship with food ultimately dictates your response with food right? If you are trying t manipulate proteins, calories, carbohydrates, go on certain diets and different programs to follow, different books all those things are tactical. However if your relationship with food is not addressed things will never be permanent.


I will give you an example, we have talked to people here and one person shared with me that his relationship with food is he uses food as a way to get back at his mom because his mom and he did not get along. And it was his tool and he would use to say I am being rebellious and I am not going to listen to you so you would a lot of unhealthy food.


Even though his mom as saying don’t eat unhealthy food. So his relationship with food was like hate love relationship where he uses as way to gain control. Now no matter what program this person goes on the weight will always be a struggle. Because his relationship with food was not wand of nurturing and kindness and deep loving open communication relationship that you have with a person.


What relates to contribution I do not call work. When you are born at some point you become independent you contribute to the world, you contribute value. Whether be some kind of profession, knowledge or just your presence.


It’s a contribution to the society, the reason I do not want to call it work because the W word is typically not perceive as something positive right?


Then you do some work and off course then you can play, I just call it contribution. If you have this amazing relationship n how you are going to contribute to the world by finding your passion, you will never have to work again. It never feels hard. So that relationship is what you are going to do to contribute to the world by finding and connecting to the passion and finding that contribution.


Last is your relationship with the world. How you perceive what is happening in the world. This is a tough one, because in the media if you happen to watch a media. It says tha world is horrible, right? Negative news gets you to watch the news. And you have this perception that the world is crazy, chaotic and horrible things are happening.


And all these noise, however that sorts of affects your values and belief and the off course affects your habits and then everything else. It’s sort of a circular pattern.


So I choose you to question what your relationship with the world is. When you address this relationship with self, food contribution and world and understanding that it all relates to this. This is the H3 process. So on this site I have many videos and many pages addressing very specific things. Very breakdown and detailed these things.


So I encourage you to go to the site and consume the materials that best serves your health and your happiness. So I believe that as you apply effort towards this, understanding this, this is the foundation of having this holistic health and happiness. And that’s called the H3 process.


There are many programs out there that would define how do you paint this amazing picture of yoru life. I feel like this understanding of this process is the vehicle that you use to get there. Does it makes sense? Or you still want to make this amazing vision of your life. more information or study shows it that its not just about picturing future and having this amazing picture.


Its actually more effective, based on psychological research its actually the picture is what you need to do to get there. Mentally practice the process of getting there is much better than painting the end result. So this process is a great vehicle, a great way to how to get to your amazing, fulfilled, empowered happy life.