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Your posture largely dictates how long your spine will last and your overall energy levels.

Here is a video we have explaining the best exercise you can do to improve your posture if you sit throughout the day.


Here is the second exercise you can do


To the most out of these stretches, you will want to do both for 5 repetitions for 30 second holds each side in the morning. Then, every 1-2 hours, just do 1 repetition for 30 seconds each side.

The science of stretch…

When you stretch a muscle, it lengthens.  (yes. they call me captain obvious sometimes…)

OK, here is the important science stuff.

After you stretch it, it constantly is shrinking and tightening. By the 4th hour it will have returned back to it’s original tightened state before you stretched. In other words, the benefit from the stretch is lost after 4 hours unless you stretch it again.

So, we can leverage this science and stretch often.

That is why I recommend doing just one repetition every 1-2 hours. That is enough to prevent the muscles from tightening again.  Now, if you want more progress, stretch for 5 repetitions again later in the day.


You can use technology to keep you accountable. Just set your phone’s alarm to beep every 1-2 hours to remind you.


Put this into action and you will feel a big difference in your posture.

You will be less stiff.

You will have more energy.

You will actually be more confident (this is proven by science!)



If you have already implemented this, you just took one step closer to becoming a “Solutionite”


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