setting infinity goals for never ending motivation

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Never Ending Motivation

When you set a goal to workout to get away from your current weight and to achieve “X” weight, there are some unintended consequences that lead to failure and eventual weight gain.


Let’s discuss the reasoning…

You are ready to finally get in shape. So, you set a goal to get from your current weight to “X” weight.

You start off super motivated and you go to the gym. You start a new diet.  You get the latest gadgets to track your steps and your calories.  You are well on your way!

Everything you do and every thought is about getting to “X” weight by “X” date.

So, assuming you stick with the plan and you achieve your goal and get to “X” weight. What happens…


Your entire practice and use of getting going from your current weight to “X” weight  as your motivation is not GONE!

Yes, you now must set a completely different reason to exercise.

Think about it, you are already at “X” weight.

So maybe you change the motivation to “stay at X weight”.

If you have ever done this cycle before I think you know what typically happens.


Your weight comes back.

Why does this happen?

It all starts with the initial big why and the things you set as your motivation.


The interesting things about setting achievable goals is that you are constantly reminded that you don’t have that which you are chasing.  Think about it. When you are at 200 pounds and you want to be at 180 pounds. Everyday, you are reminded that you are not good enough and you are lacking that 180 pounds body.

So you might be thinking. I set strength goals. I want to push or pull more weight Or maybe I want to do more reps of “X” exercise.

You may even post your new PR online and you get that immediate high when people say “great job”.


However is that goal sustainable?

Will you continue to get stronger and stronger forever?

From experience and from understanding how the body works, I can say that is not a possible goal to sustain.


So what is the answer?


I recommend setting goals that are more process oriented and focused on “infinity goals”.

WTF is an Infinity Goal!?!

Well, it a goal that you can never reach but you progress  your human potential as you go towards it.

For example you can set a goal to become more skilled at controlling your body. Since this is a skill mastery goal, you can always improve.

You can set a goal to use exercise as a way to connect deeper with yourself. Use each workout as a self discovery session and learn something about yourself.


You can set a goal to exercise to inspire your family, your network, the world to become more fit.

These types of “Infinity Goals” are never ending. You will never run out of motivation.

You will also never be constantly reminded that you are not good enough right now.  These goals pull you towards something greater. Typical goals are designed to push you away from something you don’t want.


Keep in mind that the process, systems, and approach you are using to lose weight fast have very little to do with the process, systems, and approach it takes to sustain life long health.


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