Time management for work life balance

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Work Life balance by efficient time management

Do you feel like you are lacking enough time in a day?

Do you feel like you need a 28 hour day instead of a 24 hour day? If you are like most people you feel like you have this over whelming amount of to-do’s that just can’t get throughout the day. So in this video I am going to talk about some strategies that will help you re-frame what’s reapply happening so you don’t feel like you are lacking in time.


Hi this is Doctor Steve Young, owner and founder of bodysolutions. So in general everyone on this planet has 24 hours a day. There is some people who get this much done and there are some people get this much done.


There are some people who feel they have plenty of time and there are most people feel they are lacking in time. So let’s talk about what is really happening. Say physiologically your to do list is theoretically is a never ending list.

Secret behind work life balance and time management


Let me explain, whenever you getting something done on your TO do list you brain wherever you live in just likes to fill it with stuff. if you look at your house, your apartment wherever you are living just take a look around. Is there is a room that is empty with nothing?


Is your spot or place is completely vacant? That probably isn’t, our brain work this way if you have some type of time you will probably just fill it stuff. And lot of that has to do with how we were brought up in this culture. Has to do with, you got to be doing, you got to be executing, and you got to be getting stuff done? A lot of time if you feel like just sitting around doing nothing, you almost feel a sense of guilt.time management and work life balance


I really should be doing something, and so one is recognizing that its okay to do nothing right? Because if you don’t let that believe go you will always sort of overfill your bucket of time that you have. So one thing is letting go of the sense, it’s okay kind of to do nothing.


Two it’s all about priorities when it comes to work life balance. Because imagine if you are like I don’t have time to exercise or I don’t have time to cook food for myself to eat healthy. Or I don’t have time to, take the time to may be mediate, clear my mind and de-stress and be healthy or to do some work.

Work life balance tips


Well you are really saying that those things are not high enough on my priority list because I have other things that are more important to do. So theoretically there is no such thing as I don’t have time. It’s just whatever you didn’t get to wants high enough on your To do list. You just have to bump it out.


If you are looking to improve your health, if you are looking to drop weight, if you are looking to improve your body you basically have to just write down what are your important things in life. Like make a list, if its work, family, health, finances all those things, just write it down.


And see what’s more important and what’s less important and rank it in order. In this way we can at least left brain wise we can see where is healthy in your priority list. If its too low, make a choice to bump it up. Because when you do that, you acknowledge that you basically find more time for your health.


Ultimately health is wealth right, if you are so busy in helping others, so busy working generating income to have money, because you feel money is happiness ultimately none of that matters. If you are extremely sick, cannot function and in too much pain to move. So health I wealth meaning, its my opinion that you can certainly choose to have healthy higher on your priority list.


In this way there is no sense of lack of time, you are just basically making it more important. You will make the time and find the time to cook, to exercise, to meditate. Because I guarantee you, if you look at national averages, on average an American watches TV for 4 hours a day. That’s the average, that’s a lot of time. Because you are so busy you need that distraction to not to think about your life. And maybe you take some of that time for your help.


(Do they have work life balance?.. I do not think so!)


There is always other places you can take time from and allocate to the things that feel more important to you.


So if you feel like you need more time, first step will be let go of the feeling of always be doing. Be okay with just being and two write down your priority list and see where is health in this list for you and try to make that choice, make it higher in that list.


In this way you can manage time and achieve the balance between work and life.



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