Long term weight loss – Transformation challenge program failure

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Watch this video to learn why short term transformation programs don’t work for permanent fat loss or long term weight loss.

Hi this is Doctor Steve Young, we will talk about why we do not do transformation contests or challenges to lose fat or to Long term permanent weight loss. If you are an athlete and lets say you want to run a marathon and that’s your goal. You want to have distance, you want to do things for a long time. Would you go to the gym and train to be a sprinter?


Probably not, because the ability to sprint, how your body adapts to sprinting has nothing to do with your body’s ability to run a marathon. If you have a sprinter, have him run a marathon he is not going to last. And vice versa if you take a marathon runner competing against a sprinter not going to be very competitive.


It’s a great analogy for you to understand why you should not do short term weight loss challenges. The actions that you are going to take, the mindset that you need to have and the behavior pattern that you need to have do not sustain weight loss. You will not be able to achieve long term weight loss or long term fat loss.


What to do for long term weight loss


Let me explain, if you are trying to lose as much weight as possible in the next 30, 60, 90 days. What would you have to do? Workout like a mad man or mad women, you have to make sure eating perfectly. Every calorie counts, you have to do everything right, you have to push your body to the limit.


Now some people might say its good to push your body and mind to the limit to give you that motivation. Here is the problem, all those thinking that mindset, behavioral patterns and actions are not what you need to keep that weight off.


weight loss work routineIf you want to lose as much weight as possible in next 30 days, that is very different than trying to lose that weight permanently. Right? One involves short term pressure, stress, getting it done where maintaining the body weight really means long term goals.


Doing it easily, doing it sustainablely. You can see that the sprinting and the long distance running or shot term weight loss versus maintaining the weight is very different.


Now what some people do those challenges say you lose that weight in the beginning and try to keep that weight off. That’s like saying let me train to be sprinter in the beginning and then switch to marathon running. It just makes sense to start training as marathon runner. Start off, train your body your mind, your behavior, your actions for long term weight loss.


Not short term and then however switched to long term, that’s mean all the time you spent doing short term stuff does nothing. Sure you lose X number of pounds on a scale and how many people you know lost weight and gain right back.


You wanna start off with the mindset and strategies go for long term weight loss. And that’s what we push, now those gyms will do those challenges, they get before and after pictures. Which gives you market make some look great.
I wanna challenge the gyms, how many of them have their clients lose weight and keep it off for years or decades.


That’s what we do. This is not a selling pitch, you got to realize that challenges sure they have their uses. If you have a wedding, you wanna look good for certain events.

Permanent weight loss – Starts from your mind


But if your goals is to lose weight permanently, I strongly encourage you to change your mindset. Don’t do challenges and transformations, sit down and map out a strategy for long term weight loss, for permanent weight loss.


If you are looking for those strategies, we have come up with a program that will help you. We realize that we cant train everyone in the area or in the country so we have strategies, mindset, training programs, what you need to lose weight permanently.


If you need more information, just look below click on that link and you will learn more about that program.


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