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Tools to Discover and Evoke Your SuperHuman Powers so that You can Successfully Build the Business, Life, and Legacy that You Want

It is my MISSION to help humanity let go of
'DIS-EASE' and experience life with EASE instead

To achieve this, I worked passionately to craft effective solutions for you depending on what specific problem and challenges you currently have right now and where you are in your journey to achieving overall health.

You can find these below.

But before you start exploring our different programs, please understand that this is NOT for everyone!


You are in the right place:

Discover your
OBSTACLES and turn them into
MAGICAL FUELS to evoke your

Immunity Protocol

boost your immunity online course

Master Yourself and Become the Person of Immunity

This program is a product of 30 years of study and 20 years of experience in restoring over 8000 people back to their complete wellbeing.

The goal is for you to boost your defense system to its 100% potential while getting rid of all the uncertainties and buzziness of life so that you can contribute fully to humanity.

Mind and Body Detoxification Mentorship

The industrial complex on average feeds 300-700 toxic chemicals into our bodies. Mass media causes toxic fear, anxiety, and chaos into our minds. 

This program will remove the chemical and the mental toxins that are Right Now poisoning you. This “mind and body” approach assures you have a complete detoxification. However, doing one without the other still leaves toxins in your system. 

What are you really capable of without these toxins?

Food Sensitivity Testing

Decrease the #1 Root Cause of Illnesses

Chronic inflammation has been identified as the root causes of almost all illnesses. The main contributors for this type of inflammation are toxins, gut health, and food selection. This blood test will tell you specifically which foods harm you with inflammation and which foods heal you. With this knowledge, you will gain profound control over your health.

Gut Restoration Program

Your gut is the seat of your immune system, your brain, and your ability to absorb food. 

In 2019, a study revealed that 93% of Americans have RoundUp in their bodies. That chemical has been proven to disrupt the gut in harsh and dangerous ways. By restoring your gut with a specific “tri-phase” approach, your gut restores completely (unlike other single approach gut programs which gives you partial results only).

The Ammortal Quantum Experience

For those who have a calling for greatness and have opened the door to a deeper spiritual practice, this was created just for you. 

While words alone can not fully describe what this experience is, I will share some feedback from attendees of this 4 day experience.


Allow your audience to experience in-depth knowledge about transforming health, living longer, and being superhuman through empowering talks that are beyond informative and entertaining.

Depending on the needs and desires of the audience, I could share extensive information about:

Looking for a motivating, energetic, and interactive speaker for your event?

Uniting Humanity One Talk at a Time

One conversation can make a difference.

If your audience needs a voice with a mission to harmonize humanity, uplift people, and end suffering, then I would love to support your media space!

I have been featured on the news as well as on TV shows, podcasts, publications, and other media outlets. With 30 years of study and embodiment of the science and sacred practices of health, longevity, and inner peace, you sure have a credible source for simplified wisdom about complex topics.

Fail Proof Fat Loss

Do you find losing weight as a tough journey to take because you have no extra time, have kids to take care of, have genetic problems, etc? Do these “FALSE” perceptions make you procrastinate?

What if there’s a weight loss strategy that will allow you to feel enthusiastic every single day to take real measures so you will appreciate “invisible results” until you permanently lose weight?

Make the process of losing body fat simple by addressing the sources of weight gain and not the symptoms such as diet, exercise, and calories through this Fail Proof Fat Loss book.

Shocking Tips to Slim Your Butt & Thighs

Do you want to get in shape without all the aches and pains?

This book reveals the hidden truths of exercise that most people don’t know. It also shares simple yet effective ways to make your efforts towards a tighter butt and slimmer thighs much more effective.

If you are doing crunches and sit ups to slim your waist, using the inner thigh machine to tighten your thighs, doing dumbbell curls and tricep extensions to tone your arms, then you must read this book to see why that approach is NOT effective. This short and quick read will change how you think about fitness forever and save you time and money.