Best Full Body Workout routine For Fat Loss

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I am going to show you the most efficient best full body workout routine to do.


This full body work out plan for fat loss is much better than typical boy building routines which isolates muscles.


In this fat loss work out, you will work on every muscles in one full body workout. There is three main advantages to that 1) More efficient, you are using a lot of muscles at one time 2) because you are using a lot of muscles at the same time you are expand the most amount of calories. Those of you there who are working out to tone your body to lose body fat, this will burn the most amount of calories as compared to chest and triceps, back and bi split routines. 3) When you work all of your muscles, all of your body at once it not only releases the most favorable hormones to help with fat loss but it can speed up your metabolism for next 48 hours.


After doing this full body exercise for fat loss for 2 days you actually burn more calories sitting, watching TV, being lazy, you burn more calories. And you do not get that effect by doing back and bi, chest and tri, the typical routines. Let’s get started, you are going to do this in circuit training fashion with very little rest, this will allow you get through this workout 15-25 minutes depending upon if you are beginner or advance.


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How many sets you want to do. Let’s get to the first exercise, so the first exercise you are going to do is work and emphasizes your biceps, your arms, back and your legs and work on your balance all at once. This is a lunge and row.
You want to hold a resistance bands or one of those free motion machines with a weight stack. You will have both handles at each hands, you want to have good postures, shoulder blades back. You are going to lunge down as you row.


You want to keep a constant tempo, you do not want to accelerate and go fast, because you actually burn more calories work your muscles better this way.


You can do about 10-15 repetitions each leg and switch, so this is a first full body fat loss exercise. Note we are not leaning back too much, I am keeping my body perfectly upright and very important your shoulder blades squeezes back at the very end. You do not want your shoulder blades to round forward like this. You want to keep your chest forward and shoulder blades back like this.


So 10-15 repetitions on each leg depending on how advance you are and we will go on to the next fat loss exercise. You want to grab your resistant band that is coming from the lower level. This time I will stand kind of perpendicular towards the band is coming from. You are going to hold the band in both hands, you are going to squat down. Your hands will start on the front of the inside knee and as you stand up your arms stay straight and ends up in the front of the outside shoulder.


No acceleration, constant tempo, do not jerk up to motion. Also you want to keep the range from knee to shoulder if you go too far, you twist your spine. This exercise works your core tremendously because the band once its turn it flex my body and works on my entire abdominal, oblique region, lower back to maintain good position.


It also works your leg the same time, works your shoulder the both sides, and works your chest inside. So after about 15-20 repetitions you would turn around and do the other side for 15-20.


When you are done with that we are going to the next exercise in this workout routine, take one band and if you are strong enough you can take one in each hand. For this I am going to hold one, same exercise instead of chopping up, this resistance is coming from the top you are going to chop down. Same thing, do not twist your spine, nice and stable.


It goes from the inside shoulder down to the outside knee. Keep your posture up, to give you a side view when I go down. It is like a squat, you should go too upright, your chest should go over your knees. Your trunk is going forward, you should not squat like this. Your butt goes back when you squat down.


Your weight should always be on your heels, you do not want to shift weight to the front of your feet. Constant tension like this 15 to 20 repetitions and again you repeat by doing the other side. When you are done with that, we are going to do pushes.

No full body workout routine can go without this:


Fullbody workout for weight lossIf you cannot do push ups on the floor, not strong enough you can do it one some incline surface. I am going to demonstrate on this bench right here. Chest position up, shoulder blades squeezed back. The key to the push ups that most people do wrong is when they come up their shoulder blades round forward.


When following this full body workout routine you want to keep your shoulder blades squeezed back the whole time. So that’s your smaller motion than that, so keep your motion small. Same thing no pause, keep your core tight, you do not want your back to arch. 10- 15 repetitions in this circuit that’s going to really emphasizes abdominal, chest, triceps, shoulders. If you know none of these exercises you are not going to lie down on the floor because that does not burn any calories.


So you are always weight bearing, getting your heart rate up, burning a lot of calories. Okay next movement, I am going to go back to the bands at the bottom. We are going to stay in the squat position, and when you come up you are going to do a motion like you are doing a double back fist.


This is a great motion and not a common one that you see in the gym, because if people say what muscles are you working? It is emphasizing, when I rotate back its working the rotator cuff muscles on the shoulder, which is great to help you stabilize the shoulder. It helps improve the health of your shoulder.


It is a full body workout routine for fat loss so you are also working on all the muscles on the back. So back, rotator cuff, lower back, core and legs at the same time. So both bands come up and squat. Make sure when you go back you do not over arch your back. You still keep your knee soft and keep your posture perfect, do not arch your back too much or round your back at the bottom.


Keep your chest up the whole time. The last movement grab the bands, not by the handles. Grab the cords itself the reason is you are going to stay in the lunge position this time. Your palm facing up and as you lunge down, your palms will rotate and at the very end they will face away.


So this fat loss exercise when you go down, it is very important to keep your shoulder blades not doing this rounding forward. You want to go and have your shoulder blades go back. Again this rotation, this diagonal type movements are much more functional for your body. You should do 10-15 each leg and then switch.


The reason why I incorporate this diagonal patterns is that’s how our body moves throughout the day. We do not move in straight lines, if you do bench press, lat pull down, shoulder presses, side lateral raises. Our body just don’t move that during the day. When you go to pull your seatbelt, when you go to reach a cup/plate over head when you go to grab things.


We typically reach and move in this diagonal patterns, so in your workouts you want to incorporate this diagonal workouts because it will help your muscles be strong in a motion, a skill or pattern that matches life. This full body workout becomes functional or in other way it helps you be less injury prone from this fat loss workout or weight loss workout.

You will go out of breath doing this full body workout for fat loss


And you can see I am little out of breath, it works a lot of muscles at once if you do this. So that was a circuit, I would recommend 2 circuits. Unless you have been working out for a long time you can start with 3 circuits. If you are pretty advance you can do 4 circuits but I would start with 2 circuits. You can do this 3 days/week, Mondays, Wednesday and Friday.


It only takes 15-25 minutes and you burn a crab load of calories. This is all you need, this is the most efficient. Now in our ranking system this is a level 4 skill level exercise. There are easy level exercises I just showed you a level 4 so just you can see what advance movements can do to your body.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and i will walk you through and shoot lower level fat loss exercises. If you just feel you cannot get this movements down, they are just too difficult I can break it down and shoot easier level weight loss exercises for you.


Just look below this video, some information, contact me, I hope to help you with your health and fitness needs.


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