Date Your Food to Get the Body You Want

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If you want to improve your health, start by cleaning out what doesn’t serve it. One of the biggest factors that contributes to poor health is not what you think.

Our poor health is the result of all the chemicals we are being exposed to. I wrote a book on how to identify these hidden chemicals.  You can get a copy of it for free below.

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So Much Information, So Little Change

If you want to improve your health, drop body fat, control your weight, or attain your ideal body shape and size, you must look at your relationship with food. It’s not about a series of tips or tactics; it is about changing your approach to food itself.

In this video, I will help you completely revamp your approach to losing weight.  If you look on Amazon right now, you will find approximately 10,361 books on dieting. That’s mean there are over 10,000 different authors promoting thousands of different ways to drop for health and food for weight loss

And yet, over the past couple of decades, we have only been increasingly gaining weight according to the national average.  With more than enough information and new gyms opening all the time, we have all the resources we need to lose the weight.  So, what is the problem?

What Are Your Core Values?

I believe that no one is really considering the importance of their relationship with food. In life, we have core values that we operate by: honesty, open communication, hard work, etc.  We use them to manage our lives.

As decisions arise, we go back to our core values.  What are your core values regarding food? Without establishing these core values, we cannot manage our health.  All the weight loss tips out there will lead us nowhere if they are not based on or connected to our core values.

Here, we talk about three core values which, if you adopt them, will completely revamp your health without the struggle.

  1. Slow Rainbows.  Slow rainbows means eating a variety of colorful foods throughout the week, mainly fruits and vegetables. We want to eat this rainbow of foods slowly. When we eat food quickly, we tend to overeat, and we miss the connection with our food. Food just becomes a tool for quenching hunger, a fuel, something we have to do each day, rather than a relationship to savor and enjoy.Food is so essential for living that we need to consider it as part of our life. You can go through life single, but you cannot go through life without food. That’s why it’s so important to develop a relationship with food, tuning into the experience of both preparing and consuming it. When we enjoy the process of handling and savoring a colorful variety of foods, it will enhance our life and improve our health.
  2.  The 80/20 rule. If you spend 80% of your time eating healthy food, the other 20% does not matter. What do we consider healthy food? To determine this, just follow a simple rule. Any food that has been through a machine at some point is unhealthy. Ideally, the food we eat will come from the earth in its whole, natural state. Played out over a week, out of 3 meals a day for 7 days (21 meals), 17 should be healthy, or from the earth, and 4 can be unhealthy.
  3. There are no BAD foods. Apart from choking, food has never directly killed anyone. Food, in and of itself, is not inherently bad.  It is how we choose to consume it that creates problems.

These three core values help us avoid feelings of guilt and shame in relation to our food.  So many of the programs for eating are based on a do this, don’t do that mindset. When we violate that rule, we feel bad about ourselves or try to justify our behavior.  Regardless, our relationship with food is harmed, and we start to see it as a villain, rather than a friend that we need and enjoy. We separate ourselves from that program and begin to eat poorly because we have broken up with food.  The weight comes back, and we look for another program, and the cycle continues.

By identifying our core values with food, and adopting the values I present in this video, we can avoid that vicious cycle of weight gain and weight loss. Yes, we still need will power and dedication to eat healthy. By establishing healthy eating habits, eating well will eventually come naturally to you.

Healthy Food, Healthy You

Food for healthYou can sustain a lifelong relationship food that leads to good health, good body weight, and a body shape you want.  As you adapt these core values to your lifestyle, you will begin to see changes, but it will take time. You won’t get there in 12 weeks, or even 6 months.  It might take years, but the process develops permanence. Just like with any sport, you can’t go from beginner to professional overnight.  It takes years of muscle memory and habits to become great, but those skills will stay with you forever.

Quick weight loss programs, with instant transformations do not last. I have a separate video which talks more about that, but for now, focus on the fundamentals.  Develop those core values that will lead to a lifetime of good health.


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