Pareto principle for weight loss

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Pareto principle or The 80/20 principle


In this video let’s talk about how you can maximize your fat loss results following the 80/20 rule, Pareto principle. You see essentially the concept to understand is that your effort are not always linear to your results. That’s what the premise of the pareto principle or the 80/20 rule is that sometimes certain small efforts can produce great results.

Paerto principle for weight loss

Pareto analysis:

And large amount of efforts can produce diminishing returns in your efforts. So how does it applies to weight loss? Well a lot of times we see clients and people who literally struggle, literally fight their will power to not eat certain foods. They will try everything possible, they will not buy that food, they will not think about that food, they will say that food is bad, not eat that food and a lot of time that approach gives you diminishing results.


Because it is not the right mind set to go about to lose weight permanently, to lose weight permanently its kind of like dating food. You have to improve your relationship with food. It should not be anything that you are using to make up something that you are missing. For example, if you are not happy, food is not happiness.


If you are angry, food is not something you eat to calm you down. Food is food, it also should pleasurable to nourish your body and you should also be able to enjoy the process of consuming food. It should not be a guilt related process, oh my god this is good food, oh this is bad food. I can’t eat this food, I can’t eat that.

The 20% of the 80/20 principle


Its all about applying the 20%, with the right approach you should constantly work on is improving your relationship with food and not following some type of diet or cutting this food group out. Or not eating that food group or only eating before this time of day or try to time your food. None of that matters until your overall approach with food is fixed to a proper healthy relationship.


How well you are eating or how not well you are eating, you can always improve your relationship with food. Becoming better at understanding food and making small incremental changes is the best way, right so…small incremental changes, great relationship with food that’s the way you can master the 20%.


How you can actually apply 80/20 principle or pareto principle is almost in a way of less effort and more results, right? So stop supressing yourself, stop the guilt, stop beating yourself up and work on changing your mind set. Because that is a key to permanent weight loss.


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