Give and take to lose weight

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Everyone got one common question how to lose weight FAST!


Hi, welcome to this video, this is doctor Steve Young, I am going to talk about why you need to consider giving up one thing to gain one thing. Most of you have weight loss goals, want to lose some body fat, may be it is New Year Resolution time and you are looking at to drop some pounds.

What is your weight loss goal?


As you write your goals off, I want to lose 10 pounds, I wanna drop X dress size, I wanna lose X inches. You also want to write down a goal I want to give up blank meeting, I wanna give up eating ice cream everyday or eating pizza everyday.


I don’t believe that never doing it and thinking of anything turns bad or negative foods. But you want to write a goal and say you know I have been averaging 3 ice cream servings a week. Let me cut down to one serving a week. Something sensible, something doable, its not like you can’t eat ice cream. You are just giving up X frequency and keeping X frequency.


Because when you set this goals and as well as positive goals, one positive goals could be 1-2 exercise instead of 0 times a week or two times a week. Don’t go from 0 to 5, go from 0 to 2, do that for couple of weeks even a month and go to three.


You want to set one take away goal something you know that is not helping you towards your goal. Something hindering you towards your goal. You wanna reduce that amount and pave one thing that you know that will help you get the goal faster or make it more attainable and increase that frequency.


So one is decreasing frequency and on the flip side one is increasing frequency in something that helps. In this way you have a nice balance on what to reduce and what to increase. Most people just sort of focus on one thing or the other but a balanced approach is focusing on both equally. And only take one thing for the next couple of weeks.


After you have that down, hey this is actually pretty easy to do, pick another thing to take away or reduce or another thing to increase. This mind-set is very progressive, it may not drop 10 pounds in a month. It will make you lose 10 pounds at 3 months and keep it off. Its all about slow and steady.

Weight loss Plans available in the market do not work!


The marketing hype of dropping weight fast by going on X diet or going on X workout programs, those things are just not sustainable. Yes you get the transformation, yes you get the rapid changes but no one keeps those gains. You gain some of the weight and fat back because you can not make big changes.


So one small negative reduction and one small positive increase and that should help you get permanent weight loss.


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