Invisible efforts for a better life

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Invisible efforts for weight loss

In this video you will learn something call invisible effort and why you need to understand this if you are trying to lose weight. Hi my name is Doctor Steve Young, owner and founder of bodysolutions. And also firm believer of Holistic Health and fitness. You see there are many things that you expect in life. You expect to pay taxes, you expect to age, you expect to get quick results and you expect immediate gratification.

New habits to lose body fat


Unfortunately we are programmed to think this way because all the marketing message say billions of dollars spent and you do not even realize that hitting you when you watch TV, open a magazine, driving and seeing billboards its programming you to expect immediate gratification and quick results.


And here is the problem, if you are trying to lose body fat or trying to lose weight fast, if you are trying to get in shape, if you are trying to improve your health. You actually may be doing the most perfect thing that you should be doing right now but because it’s not immediate gratification. Because the perfect routine you are doing right now you will not see results for another 6 weeks or may be even 6 months.lose body fat


You are going to question yourself, I need to do more. I need to do something different, I need change something, I need to add something, I need to take away something. And that would be called the invincible effort meaning if you are doing the right things, applying right efforts. But because the gratifications the results are not immediate you start to question what’s happening.


And I want to encourage you that if you have already implemented healthy behavior changes like eating healthier, drinking less sugar, eating more fruits and vegetables, snacking on the right things. Keep it up, don’t change. Stick with it, let that habit sink in and then develop new habit. Do not make a bunch of quick changes to lose weight on different things that is what the media wants you to think and believe so that you buy their product.


So the invisible effort for better life is essentially is stop that you are doing works right now that you don’t see right away. What I recommend that you do is keep it up. You have to have faith in the process and know that permanent weight loss, permanent body fat loss, permanent improvements in health just takes time. So stick with the routine, gradually improve your health, set short term behavioral goals and when you reach them set other short term behavioral goal.


It’s a process, enjoy the process. Ask yourself the right questions how can I enjoy eating healthier and make me happy? Not what can I cut out, what’s the boring food to eat. Ask yourself the right questions and you will get the right answers.


Now if there is any additional questions I want share with you a book that I just wrote including some of this information, look below and there is information about that. I hope to help you with your weight loss fat loss efforts and to help you feel better and look awesome.


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