Kinesio tape for shoulder stability

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Kinesio tape for shoulder stability or KT tape is great while you have issues with your shoulder.


Before using the KT tape for shoulder, first you want to use alcohol to scrub the skin, front of the shoulder to get the oil off the skin. First you want to half about 2 inches of the tape. First two inches goes to the neck here, no tension just stay calm.


Leave last two inches, anchor tight and pull and this will be a 100% pull and stick to temple rubber. The last two inches of the kinesio tape with no tension. You can use the rough part, the back part of the holder, you want to rub fast that generates heat which often stick.


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The second piece of this kt tape just cut like this with 2 inches together and cut in half, you want to tip off here and take that off. Right where you go the other end, rub that out without tension. Then we will take one strip, anchor keeping a pull of 50% tension and place on the front of the shoulder. The last two inches with no tension, so the kt tape goes over front of the shoulder.


The back one, keep 2 inches no tension, anchor, pull about 50% back here and no tension above. If you look from the side, it almost like a weird drawn shape. Continue with the rough part of the back here, continue rubbing. That will activate the glue and make it stick.


The last piece from this kinesio tape, the two torn pieces were 9 inches, the longer piece was 12 inches. Tear off at 2 inch, for this one turn your arm out forward like this, palm is facing forward. This goes there no tension, on the shoulder muscles line here, it goes right over there.


Make sure last two inches no tension, anchor make sure your arm is turned out facing forward. 50%, it should come down at an angle little bit and then the last part. Rub it in, what you can do in home is use a blow dryer and heat up the tape to activate the glue.

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This technique works extremely well to help the shoulder stabilize so you can exercise without shoulder pain.

Where to buy kinesio tape

You can get the tape at by clicking on the tape below:


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