Proper posture dictates spinal health

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Proper posture is the key variable that determines how healthy your back and neck will be and gives you neck and back pain relief.

Watch these two neck and back pain relief video to understand the problem and some simple exercises to help prevent and even get rid of back and neck pain.

Welcome to body solutions where total body fitness is directed by physical therapists. Today I am going to talk about how to prevent neck pain and neck injuries with proper posture. Now we have become society of sitters where you sit, work on the computer surf the internet. The problem with this posture it intends to be a slouch forward head posture. A really bad posture.


If you look at my posture from the side here you will notice that most people will sit in this position and not as much with a straight posture like this. Where your ear, shoulder and hip are straight down in alignment like this.


How many people in office you see in office sit like this, in proper posture?


Probably none. Most people are slouch forward or reaching forward, the drawback of that posture is that puts much much more compression, much more pressure down at the bones of the neck. One of the best thing you can do is straighten your posture by standing up to do your stretches.


You want to stand up and get your posture up and just squeeze your shoulder blades back and down. Not back and up, do not shrug up, those muscles are already tighten up, you want them to be down and back.


Just do it couple times during the day, you know just 1o seconds really help reprogram your brain say this is horrendous position and this is much better. I am not saying you want to hold yourself up like this all day, it will look kinds funny.


You just want to stretch back and ideally you want to be in a relax position and be in better posture. Now do not over correct, do not hold yourself back all day. Again that uses muscles and using muscles is same as compression down the spine.proper posture


So throughout the day if you are tight for being like this for years. It is almost like someone having hand on your shirt and pulling your shirt down all day. You do not want to use muscle to fight that and do this. Because those muscles eventually knotted up and put more compression on your neck. What you really want to do is have the person let go.

Sit in proper posture for better spinal health and neck and back pain relief


And how you do that with your body? With regular stretching.


Stretching this issues that are tight, they are right because everything is kind of bunch toaster like this form your daily activities. And you wanna do the opposite movements. So one of the easiest exercise you can do it seated, standing is simple squeezing yoru shoulder blades back like this.


It delivers a stretch. In next segment I will talk about more advance stretches, they are probably weird but will be much more effective at getting rid of the tightness here to help your neck.

Neck and back pain relief video (click on the video to watch)