Low back pain and stiffness resolved

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Suffering from low back pain?

Do you sit for long hours? Low back pain relief by doing these simple low back pain exercises below.


Do these low back pain exercises daily for lower back pain and relief stiffness from the back muscles. For the stretches, do 5 sets of 30 seconds.  For strengthening, do 2 sets of 15 Without knowing your exact condition and the reason for back pain, these low back pain relief exercises should help in general. If you have pain with sitting and no or reduced pain with walking, skip the double knee to chest exercise.

Standing HIP ER Stretch

In this video we are going to go over with hip standing external rotator stretch for lower back pain relief. You need a surface around this height, it could be little bit lower, little bit higher. If the height that you are using is too high, you can just stand on a stool or couple of books.


So we are going to use this surface, I wanna stretch my right leg, you wanna bring that leg on right on top of the table. You wanna make sure you get your leg from the inside not outside. It is much harder from the outside than to in.
You wanna place your hips square to the table, your knee should be right in front of the hip. It should not be angled out like this. It should be angled forward.


Now couple of things if your hips is tight, this knee will be sort of up like this, that’s okay. You want to relax, you do not want push the knee down. You always want to make sure that your hips stay square because if you are tight your body wants to turn away from the side that you are stretching.


In this position you should feel light stretch here. Now if you are very flexible and do not feel stretch in this position then you want to make sure your chest forward and bow forward.do not round your chest to bow forward, keep your chest up and bow forward. That will give you a stronger stretch.


Now if you are very flexible you still don’t feel the stretch, you can drop the other foot further back away. That will basically lower your body, increasing the height of this and places a stringer stretch on the hips.


I will show you from the side view to show you what I mean by that. So in this position you will bow forward keeping your back flat to get that stretch. You can also drop your other leg back to get a stronger stretch.


You wanna make sure the intensity of the stretch here is not too strong, it should be medium, medium to strong stretch. Ideally you want to hold for 30 seconds and it should not be painful. By doing this there should be no low back pain.

The cat or camel exercise

Today we are going to demonstrate the cat or camel exercise. This exercise is for for low back pain. For this you will be on your all fours on your hands and knees. You might wanna use something for your wrists, you might want to hold on to dumbbell.


Just a better position for your wrist to be in less strain. So for this exercise you going to be arching your back. Kind of round when they are out, in this position you want to tighten your stomach and breathe out. This is the cat position and then you are going to let your abdominal muscles to relax and sag your stomach down to the table as low it will go.


So you are versing the curve in your lower back, again repeat. You are going to round up your lower back and sag down let everything stretch. The bottom you should be breathing in. This is your Cat or Camel, low back pain exercises.

The Side Lying Trunk Rotation

We are demonstrating the Side Lying Trunk Rotation so for this low back pain exercise you are going to be lying on your side with your knees bent towards your chest. So both foot should be bent one foot on top of the another. For this lower back pain exercise one arm is going to reach up for the ceiling. Like this. Now you are going to allow your arm to drop behind and lowering it towards the floor so you are going to let your body, upper body follow your arm and your knees are still bent maintaining contact with the table.


For this back pain or core exercise if you have shoulder problems or this particular position strain on your lower back so it can be modified with your elbow bent so roll back to your side. So we can bent the elbow keep to close to your side, to your body and now rotate. So that if you have shoulder problems or if the arm extended put so much strain on the lower back and that is the Side Lying Trunk Rotation.


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