Will power & motivation to lose weight

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Will power for weight loss – weight loss motivation

I’m a big fan of getting BIG results without “sacrifice” or “hard work”. Now I don’t mean we should sit back and do nothing. My approach is to do what feel right and find the lowest hanging fruit to get the most benefits.

Having studied health for 25 years, I’ve learned that there is one key factor that is over looked in our health.

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So, research in the recent literature has proven that willpower is like a muscle. You probably know this instinctively if you’ve ever dieted before. Its something that you apply: willpower to not eat this food and stay away from that food. But eventually that muscle gives. It weakens and you give in to the willpower.


Here’s the problem, no muscle can contract and last forever. At some point it fatigues, just like no willpower will last forever, at some point it will fatigue. What happens when it fatigues is that you will go back and binge on those foods that you spent so much time depriving yourself of.


In fact the longer you hold out and refrain from eating those foods you love the more the your will power fatigues. Yes, you do lose weight by holding back. Yes, you can “cheat” here and there. But what has been the outcome in the long run. Your weight climbs back up and you feel horrible. Every time you go through this cycle, your strength and motivation weakens and you are left with a sense of failure.


Now I suggest a much better approach to dieting. You want to look at the food that you are told you typically can’t eat, and change your relationship with the food. It’s not bad food. Sure it’s less healthy. You might be eating that food for other reasons, not just for nourishment. Maybe it’s for stress reduction or to reduce anxiety. These comfort foods actually release happy hormones in your brain when you eat them because of the high sugar content. So these foods work very well to make you feel happy!


Now how do you change your relationship with that food?



Well, it’s all in your mind. The next time you look at your piece of cake that you love, your favorite comfort food – maybe it’s a hot dog, a hamburger, nachos, pizza, all the unhealthy foods we should not eat too frequently, I want you to do this.


I want you to look at that food, and I want you to close your eyes and picture a time where you are having great difficulty, great sadness, great stress, and great anxiety, and know that this food literally contributing to that.


When you are trying to lose weight, your body image, how you feel, and your health directly contribute to how happy you feel and your success rate. While that food may give you happiness for the moment, you know long term, that food is not giving you long-term happiness.

Find your motivation to lose weight

Your happiness is within you the whole time because you are an amazing soul!

baby-164897_640So I want you to embody that, and think about that. Don’t go for the immediate gratification and how you feel at that moment. Before you eat it, think about what that food means for you life-long. Look at that in your mind, picture it: the feeling that you have, the colors that you see.


The pictures of you seeing yourself not losing weight and being stressed, and the feelings associated with not being able to lose weight. All of that is embodied in that food at that moment. When you do this, it will change your relationship with the food. You will no longer try to crave it for immediate gratification. You will now make better choices about that food for long term.


I want you to repeat this. I want you to put your favorite food in front of you and try to elicit those feelings about how it feels in the future. The stress and the negative feelings down to the very colors, the sounds, the picture of your body, I want you to repeat that process. Every time that you do, you are changing your relationship with your food, and that is much better than willpower.


It is like using willpower to stay in a bad marriage. Don’t do that. Change the relationship. Work with the spouse, in this case you work with the food. I hope this tip helps you, and any questions, comment below, enter your information and I will be able to help you directly, and have you achieve your weight loss and the body that you deserve.

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