Hacking your health for Improvement and get healthy body?

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Hacks for weight loss and healthy body

Everyone these days hacking everything. They are hacking their health for improvement, memory, their business, their life. in this video I want to talk about why I am not a big fan of hacking. Hacking in terms of whatever you are manipulating already involves you are taking places and may be you are finding an optimum way of doing something.


On the surface that sounds amazing right? You just sort of hack this and make tweak and get a major result from that hack. However let’s look closely what happening to your health when you decide to hack it. You are basically implementing these tools and tricks try to improve your health.health and fitness


For example may be you are putting something in your coffee in the morning trying to hack your energy levels in your health. May be you are hacking it bay drinking specific smoothies or recipes during the day. May be you are hacking it by using a sleep app by making your sleeping quality improve.


May be you are hacking your health and fitness,  by doing something special workout program that’s out there. However what’s really happening? What is lifelong sustainable health or healthy body and what does it involves? It involves improving your skill and relationship with yourself and health. Because it’s not just about tweaking a few things.


Imagine if I say I hack your marriage or relationship with your spouse or girlfriend. All you have to do is buy these set of roses, buy these gifts at this time and you have to do this at this day and your relationship will improve. That’s sound kinda silly right, because you are at the fundamental of or root problem if you do not have any issues with your relationship with your spouse or girlfriend it has to do with your communication and how open you are.

How to have healthy body and improve your health


And that actually takes practice to work on it and that’s the same with your health improvement.


If you are trying to improve your health, if you are trying to lose weight, if you are trying to build muscle, if you are trying to just live up above of abandoned energy level and then decreasing risks of cancer different disease. If you have a condition that you are trying to resolve without medication, the root cause of that a lot of time is your relationship with your own health.


That doesn’t involves hacking, you cannot hack relationships. It’s about understanding, I would like to use the word re-engineering. Because if you study any kind of engineering what has to happen? You study all the pieces and how everything works. And when you understand how everything works you engineer and create. Engineering is about creating new possibilities.


New structures and new things, it’s not about hacking. So I like the process of re-engineering your health and that’s about understanding what are the fundamentals of good health. And that is what you are about to learn in this site. There is all kind of information about what is the fundamentals of good health, you know what tare three core values of having a good relationship with food.


I will talk that about in a separate post, what are the fundamental movement skill level that your body has so you can work out properly. It’s not about using a program, its about what is the ideal movement program that matches your skill level. Or if you are trying to eat better, people ask me what are the best eating tips, have you hacked nutrition.


healthy food for helathy bodyYou cannot hack nutrition, you can look how are you eating now and make what’s called the progressive adaptive changes. Progressive adaptive changes, right meaning the next level of changes that best serves you. There is no random hacks that is just bunch of things you are doing that no one ever sticks with forever.


Try drinking your coffee with your fat forever, good luck with that. You do not hack, you look at where you at and you make the small incremental improvements and changes so they become new habits. And that how you permanently change and re-engineer your health. With this understanding I hope you are not trying to hack your health, you are taking time and effort building this improve relationship with health so you can gradually formulate the health that you want.


When you can gradually engineer the health, the healthy body that you want.


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