Injury prevention: Typical injuries and how to avoid them

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Injuries and often be avoided if you just take care of your “slightly achy” body parts today.

So to help you do just that, below are some videos about the most common pains we treat here at Body Solutions and what you can do right now to get rid of those pains without needs to spend your medical dollars!

Enjoy and feel free to share his information with those you love. Learn how to do Injury prevention, how to prevent shoulder injuries, thigh injury, relief from elbow pain and shoulder pain.

Lateral Elbow Pain


What to do to get relief from Elbow pain

Hi this is Steve Young, if you are watching this video then you probably had some tenderness on the outside of your elbow and want a relief for elbow pain. Which is typically indicative of lateral epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow. Now if you have a pain for less than a month, its still pretty much attendant I guess. So the treatment protocol would be heat with some moist heat for about 10 minutes then the stretch makes you want to get your elbow straight, bent your wrist down and turn a little to outside.


Right here, and I did the stretch with the intensive will be just pulling without pain and that is the key. Pulling with no pain, if you try to do this and you feel pain before the pull actually it is not even ready for stretching. In that case you just heat, light massage in that area for 5-10 minutes, followed by ice. But if you can tolerate the stretch the ideal duration to hold the stretch would be 30 seconds you want to do about 5 of these and then massage for about 5 minutes and then ice.


And you can do that for your elbow pain about for a week or two and if you do that every day within a week or two the pain should be pretty much be gone. Like 80-70% gone, once its gone as you push on it is lot less painful now you can get into the last stage which is strength and conditioning. Right so you can have your arm supported on a table, hold a light dumbbell and you want to hold up and down nice and slowly, again the weight should be light enough so there is no pain. You should do it about 10 repetitions for 2 sets without pain.


Once you can do that on a daily basis you can build up to more resistance or more repetitions or combination of both. The key is pain free. There is nothing about no pain no gain, none of this should hurt. So again once you get through the initial stage of decrease inflammation through heat, stretch, massage and ice you want to get into the strengthening phase.


Now once you can isolate it like this and strength about 10 pounds without pain then you can do kinetic chain strengthen overall strengthen. Right, that’s going to be maybe grabbing a resistance band tie to the bottom and pull up through this back twisting motion. This is a great exercise that strengthen that muscle along with the shoulder, along with the rotator cuff, along with your core.Elbow pain, elbow strength


Ok so more global exercise you can just attach resistance to a door handle like a resistance band, hold it from the doorway stand facing the door way do this back twisting motion keeping posture. Chest up, shoulder waves back like this. The progression should be return to function without pain. Hope you have find this video helpful, if you have any questions just ask us. Email, call, Facebook, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.


Now if this approach is not enough feel free to contact us. Come in for evaluation. We have direct access, you can get to us without a prescription or refer from a doctor. We can check and see exactly what we are dealing with. If you need more than just a standard protocol, we have more advanced protocols utilizing Eastern and Western medicine to heal you much faster. I look forward to hear from you and I hope this video helps eliminate your pain.


Outer Thigh (IT Band pain)

Avoid or get relief from Hip or IT band Pain

Hi welcome to this video, this is Doctor Steve young. If you are watching this video then you are probably having hip pain right here when you push on it or may be or in the IT band right here. So we are going to show you how to treat it in home immediately and reduce all that pain fast. So if you are having pain in those tender points then make sure you first heat up those tissues.


Heat will bring more nutrients, more blood flow, open up the arteries and bring more nutrients and will accelerate the healing process. So if you have a heating pad put it right on the painful place here or here where you are having pain. Now the next step after adding heat for 10-15 minutes when its warmed up and having good blood flow you would want to massage it. It is kind of hard to massage IT band yourself so we recommend a foam roll.


And I will demonstrate how to do it with a foam roller. Basically you can do this right on the floor so get on the floor and have the bottom leg, the pain full leg on the IT band and you have the non pain full foot on the front and you have your arm support your body weight and you basically roll back and forth on the painful spot. So if you are having pain in between the thigh and hip you can roll on that spot.


If you have pain much higher like pelvis, you can go and roll like this. Basically you want to do this self massage for 3-5 minutes, stimulates the fibers, relax the fibers to increase blood flow in that area. So once you foam roll on that spot after the heat you can go and do stretches on it. So there is a couple of ways to stretch a IT band, one is that you can go to the edge of your bed and you want to drop the leg off the bed which I will demonstrate you right now.


So I will be facing other way so that you can see the positioning. So I am going to stretch my right IT band off my bed, you can just bend the other knee get this leg straight. You would want to start with the leg behind you drop it around like behind you and the reason you have to do it, you cannot just drop it like here as you have to put the IT band over to a specific bony spot to get the stretch. Around like this and let it hang and that’s a stretch for the IT band and core tight and you are gonna hang in that spot for 30 seconds ideal for the stretch.


After that do it a half arch and get back to the position, you want to make it sure that it does not rolls out, it stays on the side. You pelvic should not roll out like this. You should be fully on your side while you do the stretch, now also on the standing version of this stretch you just stand up basically put a couple of magazines down on the floor and you just put the foot on the magazines so it will be lifting your foot up, keep your both knees straight and get your hips like this to get out the IT.


For better ways you can do this stretch for 5 for 30 seconds and after you do the stretch after you do the massage, the heat see how it is tolerated.If its sore you want to progress with icing the area the painful area for 5-10 minutes. Now after the stretching, the heating the massaging it feels pretty good then you can start to activate the muscles to heal the area. If it is pretty tender, usually for the first week then you can start with heat, massage and ice. And even after a whole week it started to feel better then you can add some resistance.

Heat is important when it comes to injury prevention and pain relief

Now the progression would be heat, massage stretch 5 for 30 seconds after massage for 3-5 minutes now you want to do some resistance training for the IT band. There are couple of ways you can do that, you can go by your side core tight and just lifting the leg up and down and this will activate the IT band, OK? So if this is kind of tough or if there is some pain in the hip area then you can do some isometrics. Means when you come up hold for about 10 seconds and relax the leg. Come up hold for 10 seconds relax the leg, I am just holding about 3 seconds as I am only demonstrating.

How to use isometrics for Hip and IT band pain relief

Now you can use isometrics called now a days to up and down movement, active resistant training. Once you progress to active resistance training with leg in air, that is ok, then you want to get to more functional more closed chained movement that pulls and strengthen the IT band. It is a movement where you can stand up cross the leg behind and it is almost like a one legged squat like this.


So you crossed the other leg behind, facing forward, it will put tension and strengthen the IT band. That is the progression so when you progress through the series it should help rebuild the cologne, decrease inflammation, restore rubber elasticity or flexibility of the IT band thus reducing your pain. Now if you are trying this progression out at home, if there is something wrong, not working or maybe that’s not addressing the area you are still having pain and even more worsening for some reason.


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Feel free to contact us. A unique combination of eastern and western medical approach protocol out to strengthen the IT band to get rid of pain in a very unique way. It even has some nutritional aspects to help the cologne heal faster and to rebuild and if there are any questions contact us, we have staff physical therapists here to help you if you are in the area. You have direct access, you can come to us without a prescription or a referral from a physical therapist.


If you do not live in this area, that is ok, we have this protocols online, feel free to contact us I will show you, what you need to do to get the proper treatment to get you better.


Shoulder Pain Involving the Rotator Cuff


How to prevent shoulder injuries and do shoulder pain treatment

Welcome to this video, this is Doctor Steve young, if you are watching this you probably having Rotator cuff or shoulder pain right here in this spot, right here in the outside when you push. I’m going to show you how to resolve that at home as much as possible. So when you first have a pain here not for moving just having tender when you push on it means that rotator cuff tendons are slightly inflamed.


Most likely they are inflamed because of improper activation. And that is caused either by a typically by bad shoulder blade positioning, repetitive reaching or combination of both. OK so first thing we are going to do is look at your posture and see its not slouch or rounded forward like this where your shoulder blades are tilted forward. If your shoulder blades are tilted forward you can do simple exercises right away to correct that.


That’s just going to be getting your chest up learn to how to squeeze your shoulder blades back together holding each one for about 10 seconds and relaxing. Squeezing and relaxing. Another thing you can do is roll on your back, put a thick bath towel put it down on your spin and lay your hands out like this. Let your shoulder blades drop back to get a good posture stretch. You can go into that position. You can go into that position for about 10-15 minutes everyday, gentle stretch to get your posture opened up.


Because by correcting the shoulder blade positioning that your get your shoulder automatically stable position. Now here is something which you can do right away to get rid of that slight inflamation in your rotator cuff. First thing you want to do is heat the area for about 10-15 minutes, ideally if its moist heat that’s the best. But if its dry it is still OK. The only difference between moist and dry heat is that the moist heat gets the heat into your muscles, tendons and ligaments faster than dry heat.


So if you have dry heat I want to do that for 15 minutes. After that 10-15 minutes of heating you can do just slight friction massage on that tendon to bring some blood flow and stimulate healing. So the tendon runs this way and you want to run this way. Find that painful spot, identify by that previous video. Just rub it about 3-5 minutes and you can just do it by sitting down putting your elbow on the desktop and do this. You don’t want to reach across for 3-5 minutes for the whole time because that might bother your other shoulder.


After 3-5 minutes of slight massage you can try doing some stretching for that rotator cuff. One way you can do it by just reaching your arm back link this and you can simply get a little more stretch if you drop a towel down at this hand and grab it with this hand to pull the arm higher. That will get a rotator cuff stretch, you want to do it 30 seconds 5 times. And aif all of this is pain free and you are doing well, after about a week of this you can progress to some light resistance exercises for the rotator cuff.

How to use Isometrics to cure shoulder pain

And you can start by the gentle way of strengthen is isometrics. So you can just rub a towel underneath your arm like this. It puts your arm in a more stable position, a better position, and less painful position. you can go to a doorframe and push in on the door frame, you want to hold that about 10 counts, 10 times. And then go to other side of the door frame push out externally rotate on the door frame 10 for 10.


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You can simply do it with your hand, like I’m doing here. Pushing out, just basically turns your arm out 10 times for 10 seconds holds. Relaxing about 3 seconds in between, and you want to push in 10 times 10 seconds holds again should be absolutely pain free. And if you have done that for couple of days may be a week, doing fine then you can progress to resistance band exercises to strengthen those tendons, again these should be pain free.
So I am going to demonstrate using this arm, rub a towel underneath the arm, shoulder blades back and still and I want to take the exercise bands like this and rotate out. As I am rotating my shoulder blades is going to stay perfectly still. I am not going to rotate all the way forward or rotate all the way out. My shoulder blades and my elbow, upper arm stays perfectly still as I rotate the arm like this.


Nice and slow, make sure you do not go too fast, we want to do sets of 15, 2-3 sets. And you want to follow with some ice. So the progression just review, in the begging if it is pretty tender you just want to give heat, massage, stretch if there is no pain, ince for about 5-10 minutes. If you can do that about for a week you can progress to heat, massage, stretch, ice, isometrics for 1 set 10 for seconds and ice.


And a week later if that is still pain free you want to go to heat, massage 3-5 minutes, stretch for 5-30 seconds, do 2 sets of 10-15on the bands nice and slow both directions, I just demonstrated them out. You want to turn around and go in as well. 2 sets of 15 on both directions and then ice for 5 minutes. If you can make it though that it should resolve your pain. Now if you continue to have pain or this is not working, there is something wrong or you are having more symptoms.


Feel free to contact us, we are here to answer all of your questions. Our holistic approach of eastern and western medicine combined together in our protocols will get rid of your pain fast. Do this at home, most likely this will get rid of your pain. If you have any questions we have expert physical therapists on staff whether in house or virtually online. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you with other injuries.


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