Stretches to reverse the damage from sitting all day

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Are you sitting all day?

Stretches for lower back pain due to sitting at a desk all day

Do these stretches at your desk throughout the day,  Stretches all the muscles that get tight from sitting all day

Here are few exercises that will help you to cure your lower back pain that you got from sitting all day long. These pains are common to those who work on computer and sit 3-4 hours or more at a stretch.

Touch Down Stretch

This exercise for lower back pain, you can simply do in your office and it does not take a lot of space or time


In this video of reversing the damage from sitting all day at a desk we are going demonstrate a technique or stretch to help length our front of the body to eliminate lower back pain. This stretch is going to focus on the abdominal wall, the hips and the thighs. First thing that we are going to do is we are going use a chair and we want the chair slide up against the wall to prevent any sliding.


We are going to put one foot on this chair and as we lean in the first thing you want to do is you want to start arching the mid back and as you lean in your arms raise up creating this touch down look. And if you find yourself having not so much of flexibility and your foot on the floor the heel starts to come up that’s fine as long as you start feeling the stretch on the front of the body.


And due to balance ideally you want to hold this stretch for about 30 seconds. If you find yourself balance is little challenging may be bump it down to 10 seconds. And you can do 10 seconds 10 times or you can raise it up to 30 seconds and 30 seconds 5 times. So once again we are going to put our foot on to the chair and we are going to position our upper body to arch our upper back, leaning back, arms raise up.


As I lean into the stretch I should feel that stretch on the abdominal wall, hips and thigh and a little tip, if your heel on the floor starts to raise up that is fine as long as you still feel the stretch on the front of the body. If your balance is challenge hold for about 10 seconds doing 10 times. If you do have the balance do 30 seconds 5 time.


Self Neck Stretch And Massage

As you tend to sit at a desk all day and do your work, you constantly put pressure on your neck. This neck stretching will help you out a lot.


In this video of reversing the damage from sitting all day we are going to demonstrate actually how to thumb strip or we could use our finger past to the length of the muscle to help with the Sternocleidomastoid. We are going to take the same approach of another stretch. We are going to take our finger pads and pin down the muscle and we are going to take the opposite hand and as if we are almost outlining the muscle.


At the same time we are going to extend your head and then you allowed it to bring your ear to the opposite shoulder. Once you reach to the point which is the bony part behind the ear then you can reset yourself. Left hand or one of the hand will pin down the muscle and the opposite hand will then outline the muscle dragging nice and lightly towards the bony part of the ear or behind the ear and once you reach that part.


You feel good pull you can reset yourself. You can do this 5-10 times and again also looking to the recommendations of your therapist.


For Morning And Night Do These:

Side Lying Trunk Rotation Stretch

In this video of reversing the damage from sitting all day at a desk, we are demonstrating the Side Lying Trunk Rotation so for this exercise yo are going to be lying on your side with your knees bent towards your chest. So both foot should be bent one foot on top of the another. For this exercise one arm is going to reach up for the ceiling. Like this. Now you are going to allow your arm to drop behind and lowering it towards the floor so you are going to let your body, upper body follow your arm and your knees are still bent maintaining contact with the table.


For this exercise if you have shoulder problems or this particular position strain on your lower back so it can be modified with your elbow bent so roll back to your side. So we can bent the elbow keep to close to your side, to your body and now rotate. So that if you have shoulder problems or if the arm extended put so much strain on the lower back and that is the Side Lying Trunk Rotation.


Super Stretch (for hamstring, quads, and hip flexors)

The exercise that cam help you stretch all the core muscles of your body, lower back to ease back pain and help yuo recover from sitting all day long, everyday!


We are going to demonstrate the Super Stretch. For the Super Stretch you are going to be lying on your stomach with one leg hanging off the table. So the first thing you are going to do is walk the foot forward on to the floor until you feel a stretch on the back of your thigh, hamstring area.


Once you get the stretch on to the back of your thigh on this leg you are going to be using green strap or dog leash, hooked over to the opposite foot, we will give it over to the shoulder and you are going to pull this with both hands and you will bring this leg upfront until a stretch is felt on the front of your thigh. So typically we hold the stretch most commonly for 30 seconds. And this is the Super Stretch.

Hip Rotator Stretch

We are going to demonstrate the final exercise in this series of exercises that you should do help your back recover from the pain from sitting all day. This exercise is called supine Hip Rotator Stretch so you are going to start by bending one knee like this, up through your chest, your foot will be flat on the table. Your opposite foot will be crossed over. So you are bringing your foot over to the opposite leg on top over the knee.


So once you are in this position with your foot crossed over you will be grabbing on behind your knees with both hands and pull the knee up to your chest. And you are going to feel a stretch on the left hip, like in the buttock area. And typically we hold the stretch for 30 seconds. This is the supine external Hip Rotator Stretch.


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