Why diets and dieting doesn’t work for long term permanent fat loss

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Do you follow some sort of diet or dieting program or routine?

Now you can know why dieting does not work for weight loss or fat loss in the long run.

Hi, welcome to this video I am going to show you exactly why diets and dieting does not for fat loss / weight loss work why need to scratch that word out of your mind if you want to lose weight. My name is Doctor Steve Young, I am going to show you how dieting being told what you cannot eat in terms of you can’t eat this, should not eat that works against you.

Against dieting?


You see anything that told against you can’t do you actually want to do it. It’s a reverse phycology, its like searching for the forbidden fruit mentality and this has real world examples. Like one of the most prominent example of this is the dare programme. America spent a billion dollar on this programme with bumper stickers, classes, information online or websites to teach kids to just say no to drugs.diets or dieting does not work


Now, interestingly statically this programme was not worth whatsoever. Why? Because when you tell your kids you cannot do something and you say no. What your kids want to do? It wants to do it, so when you are told you cannot eat bread from the paleo diet, when you are told you cannot eat carbohydrates because of the low carb diet, when you are told you can’t eat this cheese cake, this cheese burger or this bad foods you subconsciously want to eat more of it.
And it works against you in long term success, and a lot of people associate dieting with will power or determination.

Long term permanent fat loss secret


I can tell you that in long term fat loss success people who are just eating healthy, feeling great without any guilt of eating foods they do not deal with will power, they do not use words like determination.


They just have habits of healthy eating. So the question is how do you get from dieting guilt, stress, being told what you cannot eat, to happy healthy eating to permanent weight loss. And the key is how you look at through it, your relationship with foods. You want to get away from all those diet books, diets, paleo diets. You know the newest thing is the paleo diet, the keytogenic diet which was popular in the past and off course there was a low fat diet.


All of these diets or dieting plans do not work.


You want to approach food like it is okay if you eat a cheese cake, cheese burger, cheese fries, candy or sweets, just try to cut it down to moderation. And you want to know that food is nourishment, you want to have a better relationship with. Try not look at food as something you eat because you stressed, something you eat because you are nervous. The food is nourishment, so you want to start a better relationship with food a better relationship even with yourself.


Having some self-compassion, what that means, say you go out with your friends and eat a pizza and you know I am trying not to eat a pizza. Not that I can’t, I am trying to eat less of it. When you do eat pizza, you got to stop the language of oh what did I do, I am such a screw up. You want to use words like you know what, once in a while it is okay, I will be right on track tomorrow, I will be fine with this.lose body fat


So basically you want to scratch those negative words, negative internal dialogue out of your brain and that is how you succeed long term and overtime through improvements and self compassion, through improvements eating habits you will lose weight permanently.


So just as a recap you want to stay away from any kind of dieting.


You want mind-set changes, your answer does not rely on a special tip, a secret, a recipe or just cutting out a food that works against you. Remember saying mentally no you cannot eat that or this food group works against you. Hope you have found this helpful, if you need more information look up self-compassion, lookup no dieting or try a program called the permanent transformation program where we teach you how to change your mind-set.
I look forward to helping you in future videos.

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