Dangers of dieting

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Not so most effective diet

Hey this is Doctor Steve, welcome to this video. I am going to talk about the dangers and serious side effects of dieting. I have so many clients for over past 2 decades and literally from talking to trainers from all across the country when I used to lecture.


What I am used to talk about is that my client is going to Yoyo diet. They drop weight and they gain weight. And a lot of time you do not hear the side effects of that. Off course the visual side effect is your cloths fit and your cloths do not fit.


Inside your body is however much more detrimental. See when you gain all that weight fast its stressful for your heart to refill all those capillaries, its all just so damaging for your heart to work extra hard to get the blood to all those new tissues the 10 pounds you just gained. Yes they need you transfer blood flow as well. You heart has to work that much harder.


And the last process severe dieting is typically associated with low calories and cutting tons of nutrients from your body. It lead your body deprive the nutrients. Scientifically you should never cut 20% of what your body needs.

Dangers of dieting


Now to make that simple math, lets say your body needs 2,000 calories a day to survive. That means you should never cut more than 400 calories and many diets cut way more than that. So I would say that stop dieting, follow a sound nutrition program and slowly change your mind set about food.


You wanna work on never having guilt eating the bad food. There is no such things as bad food. Right, chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, cheese sticks. Those might be some healthy or unhealthy choice but they are not good and bad.


So once in a while you can make an unhealthy choice and choose to eat unhealthy food and that’s okay. Right program should help you to get to that mind set and avoid the good bad, high low, dieting not dieting mind set.

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Its about finding balance, finding something you can live with and avoiding the extreme calorie cutting and then calorie gaining which puts excessive stress on your heart which deprives yourself from the nutrients you need to function. And it puts your body in a state of stress and inflammation.


In another videos I have talked about inflammations, chronic systemic inflammation is like the root cause of 80% of all the disease.


Anything from diabetes, hyper tension heart disease, Alzheimer’s, brain degeneration. Chronic inflammation exacerbates and causes most of those diseases. Hope this helps you, if you have more tips and need more information for health and fitness and I will post information about those topics.


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