Detox your body can be a win or lose

The Latest Research Proves That There Are Over 3000+ Chemicals In Our Bodies That Don’t Belong There!

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As you can see, there is a process when it comes to detoxing your body.

Now if you have not been eating healthy and you know that you feel “off”. You can use a product to “Kickstart” the process of detoxifying your body. One of the best and most natural products on the market is made by NatureWise called Total Colon Care.        

Use it in conjunction with a plan to eat more vegetables and less foods from a box or a bag will keep your body as healthy as possible and detox your body on a daily basis. Detox your body      

Now, let’s talk about some other things you can do to “detox” every day     Now some of the most common chemicals you can avoid comes from your bottled water and your clothes…         Let me explain…       The plastic from your bottled water contains a harmful chemical called BPA. It’s used to shape the plastic from little beads into the bottle during the manufacturing process. However that chemical never sticks to the plastic and once used, it constantly goes into the air (or in that case the water you are drinking).          

What does it do?      

Well, the BPA acts like an evil estrogen to make you gain weight. It slows down your metabolism, and if it toxic for your brain. It’s been linked to breast cancer. The list goes on and on.   So what’s the solution? Drink filtered tap water! Put it in a glass or stainless steel bottle. It will cost way less,it will have the environment, and it will prevent you from being exposed to the BPA.        

You’ll find out about many more hidden chemicals like BPA below! First I want to talk about Bromine.    

It’s a chemical that is sprayed on all clothing and fabric you buy. It’s designed to be a flame retardant (in case you every catch on fire…). However it easily gets absorbed into your skin and goes into your blood.    

Once in, Bromine  binds to your Thyroid hormone (the main hormone that controls your metabolism) and makes it inactive.        

It slows your metabolism, causes unwanted weight gain, and is also neurotoxic.  

So what can you do?        

Well a simple solution is to wash your new shirt, pants, pillowcases, and any fabric that you wear and touch in the washer with some non-toxic detergent for at least 5 cycles before you use it.   That’s it.  

(You only need to do this the first time and not every time you wash it)     

The solutions are easy. It’s knowing where these hidden chemicals are that’s difficult. There are a few other key chemicals that are all working to together to slow your metabolism down and cause excessive inflammation in your body.     You can get a short eBook I wrote with the list of them and how to identify them in your daily foods and products.    

Yes, many of them are hidden from you in the food labels.   Put this book to use to protect you and your family from the chemical industry    Click Here to Get The Book  

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How to get your own personal workout routines or workout plans!


Hello! this is Doctor Steve Young, you are about to be tested to see at what level of the body readiness ranking system your body is currently at. This is an amazing test, this will actually figure out how co-ordinate you are so we can match the right difficulty of exercises that allow you to work super hard to jack up your metabolism to burn body fat yet without inuring your body.


Let’s follow among this test, I will walk you through the series of exercises and basically the exercises will get harder and harder. All you need to do is keep track of which exercise you stop at or in other words which exercise does your body have been incapable of doing no matter how hard you try.


No matter how hard you control your body you just can’t see to get that exercise and that’s the exercise you stop at. Now you do is notify us on the form which exercise that is and we will be able to customize a workout plans or workout routines based on your needs.


So let’s get started.


First exercise is squat, I want you to try do it in front of the mirror ideally. If you don’t have a mirror, its okay you can still do it. There are some tools that you will need such as a broom stick. Any straight stick that you could have, it could be a long umbrella.


We have a broom stick here which you can use to help test your body to make sure that your technique is correct. What you can do is, take this stick and you can put it across your up and lower back like this. The reason this stick is here because I want to make sure that you have the ability to control your spinal posture while you are doing a squat.workout rotuines- Squat


You want to have your lower back against your wrist and hand, your tail bone here is against the stick. Your mid back, right between the shoulder blade is against the stick and off course your head is against the stick. Now the key is to make sure that all three points of contact are maintained. So your tail bone, mid back and head always against the stick.


You can hold the stick like this, you can look into the mirror if you want. Basically you want to squat down and able to maintain all point of contact. If you are having difficulty with the first repetition, its okay. Give it a couple of repetitions, 10 or so. And if you come away from the stick you need to see if you can correct your posture and maintain all points of contacts on the stick.


Now there are couple other things that I want you to look for is that make sure you are sitting your but back and if you are able to do this you will notice my body is not too straight up and down. If you do this with your upper body too straight up and down your knees would go forward and that’s not good. Not a proper technique.


You got to sit your butt like this and your chest should be vertically over your knees like this while maintaining all points of contact.


Now if you have mastered the squat with the stick on the back, the next exercise is going to be a exercise where you still going to be use the stick and now you can see if you can tilt forward like so if you have the stick across your back. And you wanna see if you can just bow forward keeping all points of contact like so.


With your knees pretty much straight. How forward you go is going to be dictated by the flexibility of the thigh muscles and the back of your thigh, the hamstring. I’m not concerned how far you can go forward just little forward, just a little bit and back like this. The key is to be able to make all points of contact between your head, the shoulder blade and the tail bone across the stick.


Level2 exercises to get effective workouts


That was level one that you just passed now we will try to do a level 2 test. You will still need the stick but instead of doing a squat you will be doing a one legged squat. You are going to have the stick across your back again, face the mirror if you need to. Again like maintaining all points of contacts in the two legged squat but this time you will do this on one leg.


Put your balance on one leg and squat down, I’m not concerned how low you go. You can may be even go just a quarter of the way and backup. The key is to ability to maintain all points of contact where nothing comes away from the stick. Give yourself plenty of repetitions to master this and you wanna go ahead and mark down the point where you were able to do this.


The next exercise in this level tow test, we will still going to be using the stick and you are going to need a little bit of resistant. May be you can just hold a gallon of water, let’s say. So we have a dumbbell, stick across your back like so. You are going to hold the dumbbell in other hand and the stick in other.


You are going to do the same exercise as in level one, you will just bend forward. Maintain points of contact except this time you have weight in your hand, it adds another level of difficulty. You want to maintain points of contact, go down and back up.


This weight should not pull my shoulder blade forward or rotate my body. You have to control that and maintain all those points of contact. If you have been able to those level 2 exercise you want to progress to level 3. If you were unable to do either or both of the exercises you should mark that on the form that you stopped at level 2.


So you made it to level 3 exercises, one of the exercises requires a stick and this is called the one legged balance dead lift. You will have the stick across your back like all the exercises in level one and 2. Then you will only balance on one leg, maintain all points of contact, tilt forward and come back up.


Again the concern isn’t how far you can lean forward, it will be dictated by your hamstring flexibility. However you want to tilt forward maintaining your balance maintain all points of contact. You do not want to round your back, deviate.


The next exercise will be squat and jump. Level 3 of the ranking system is the beginning of high speed movements. You got to make sure that you can decelerate or control your body to do high speed movements. Or if you go for high speed movements that your body is not ready for, this is what cause joint damage.


Essentially we know if you have got into this level you can control your spinel posture. Now you want to make sure you can control your speed and you want to make sure your knee do not wobble in and out when you land from the squat jump. You will have your hands on your hip jump up and land soft.


You wanna make sure your knee do not buckle in, it is very important. When you land you want to make sure your knee stays over your feet and they don’t wobble. You want to check your technique by standing in front of a mirror.


When I land my butt goes back, I don’t land like this where my knees go forward. You want to have that butt back motion and make sure that your knee do not wobble in or out. If you can do this you can go to the level for exercises.


These two exercises will maintain your balance and flexibility at high speed at one leg and its going to challenge multiple joints that are moving at the same time. This is extremely important that you can do this because the level for the exercises above are typical boocamp, cross fit, TRX suspension training.


These are higher level exercises for all level 4 and above. This test will ensure that you have the skill set needed to do those exercises and not have aches, pains and joint damage. This is extremely important that you can workout hard and not get hurt.


First exercise you are going to do is do a one legged squat with a chopping exercise. In this case I have a medicine ball. you do not need a weight, just a couple of pounds of resistance. I am going to stand on one leg, hold the medicine ball, squat down half way come up and reach across your body. That’s essentially the movement.


You want to have the perfect squat technique like in level 1, 2 yet you want to make sure control this weight up and down. If you have noticed my body not twisting nor bending back and forth. It is the one legged squat position with a ball or a gallon of water that come up your body. You want to make sure you do this movement, maintain your balance and have good control of the weight.


The next one is going to be a high speed exercise, involving multiple body part and a one leg. Now we will do a one legged squat jump with your arms reaching in the air and landing soft. Here is couple of things to look for, when you land you want to make sure your knee does not wobble. That’s going to hurt your hips, your knees and your back.


Second you want to make sure your posture did not breakdown. You do not land too upright, your knee do not go too forward like this, you want to have your butt going back. You want to make sure you can do that movement and land with proper technique. If you can stick 2 or 2 of the landings you are ready to pass on to the level 5.


This is the highest level in our ranking system to make sure that you can do the most advanced exercises and movements out there without any danger of getting injured or joint pain. There is only one movement and this is a though one. You will need a gallon of water, a medicine ball or some kind of resistance.


In this case I have a medicine ball, you are going to do the one legged squat with chopping with weight going across your body. This is an extreme dynamic movement because you just stabilize, balance your body, get perfect posture while there is a weight going across your body and you are going up and down.


Its sort of moving in opposite direction, so it takes a lot of control for all of your body parts and your nervous system to balance and stabilize everything to do this movement. It is extremely important to do this because it tells us that your body is ready for the most advanced exercises.


You are going to hold your weight that you have, balance on one leg. Squat down and have this ball go across your body and come up in a high speed motion. You want to make sure you can do this on both legs. If you have noticed my knees are not buckling in, I am not losing my balance. My chest is not going back and forth and most importantly my trunk is staying centered.


workout routines for men and womenDo not twist your spine, twisting motion is really hard on your spine. You want to make sure that you have the ability to maintain spinal curvature or proper posture while you doing this exercise.


Now I want to congratulate you for finishing all the level testing. If you have made this you have made it to the highest level. This entire testing protocol no matter where you stop, it will tell us the level of difficulty of exercise that you can do.


Its enough to indicate us that if you currently have any back, shoulder, neck, hip, knee pain. We will actually customize a workout routines for you based on your difficulty level and the body part that you are currently having problems with. Because we know the physical therapist who will direct your work out plans with the trainers which workout routines fits your body? So you can work out hard and not get hurt.


We know which movement you should never do if you have shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain and you can still get a great workout even with those aches and pains that gets you in shape. Because we know how to customize a workout plans for you.


Next video we will shop you how you can do this and have us progress the workout every month for you. So that we can help you get in great shape to never hit a Plato. So you consistently lose body fat and feel better and better in the next video.